The Civil War in Kentucky

2nd Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Mounted
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The Kentucky 2nd Mounted Infantry Regiment was formed from the counties of Fayette, Bullitt, Jefferson, Graves, Franklin, Harrison, Scott, Owen, Bourbon, and Anderson. In October the unit contained 832 men and in the fight at Fort Donelson its force of 618 was captured. After being exchanged, it saw action at Shiloh . The 2nd was involved in the Battles of Murfreesboro and Chickamauga, then participated in the Atlanta Campaign. During the fall of 1864 the unit served as mounted infantry and took part in the defense of Savannah and the campaign of the Carolinas. It reported 13 killed, 70 wounded, and 21 missing at Murfreesboro , lost fifty-two percent of the 302 engaged at Chickamauga , and totalled 293 men and 214 arms in December, 1863. On April 26, 1865, it surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.


Colonels Roger W. Hanson, James M. Hawes, Robert A. Johnston, and James W. Moss; Lieutenant Colonels James W. Hewitt and Philip Lee; and Majors William P. Johnston and Harvey McDowell.

At the battle of Aiken, the 2nd was commanded by Maj. Thomas W. Lewis. His name does not appear in the rosters at the National Archives.


Assigned to Hanson's, Helm's, and J.H. Lewis' Brigade


Shiloh, TN - Apr. 6-7, 1862
Aiken, SC - Feb. 11, 1865


The composite rosters of this unit contain the names of 2252 men.

Field Staff and Band



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