3rd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry



    The Kentucky 3rd Cavalry Regiment was organized during the summer of 1862. In October the two 1st Kentucky Cavalry Regiments Helms' and Butler's merged into this command and at times was called the 1st (3rd) Kentucky Cavalry. It skirmished in numerous actions in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia. Later the unit was active in the Atlanta Campaign, the defense of Savannah, and the campaign of the Carolinas. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee in April, 1865.


    Colonel J.R. Butler, Lieutenant Colonels Jack Allen and Jacob W. Griffith, and Major J.Q. Chenoweth.


    Buford's, T.Harrison's, J.W. Grigsby's, J.S. Williams', and J.H. Lewis' Brigade,


    Battle of Murfreesboro Dec. 31, 1862 & Jan. 2, 1863
    Battle of Chickamauga Sept. 19-20, 1863
    McLemore's Cove Sept. 21, 1863
    Sequatchie Valley Oct. 2, 1863
    Missionary Ridge Nov. 26, 1863
    Ringgold Gap Nov. 27, 1863
    Charleston, Tn. Dec. 28, 1863
    The Atlanta Campaign - 1864
    Savannah, GA - Dec. 1864
    The Carolina's Campaign
    Aiken - Feb. 11, 1865


    The composite rosters of this unit contain the names of 15 men. Our Historical Sketch and Roster book includes this roster and the rosters of the 1st Cavalry Regiment (Helms') and the 1st Cavalry Regiment (Butler's) which comprised this regiment.



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