1st Special Battalion, Louisiana Infantry (Rightor's)

HISTORICAL NOTES: The 1st Special Battalion, Louisiana Infantry (Rightor's) completed its organization at New Orleans, Louisiana, during the spring of 1861 with men from Jackson, Orleans, and Caddo parishes. Its six companies moved to Virginia and for a time served in the Department of the Peninsula. Later the battalion was placed under the command of General Griffith and in April 1862, totalled 315 effectives. In June it disbanded and the men transferred to other Louisiana commands.
Lieutenant Colonels Charles D. Dreux and Nicholas H. Rightor, and Major James H. Beard ASSIGNMENTS:
  • Department of the Peninsula
  • command of General Griffith


    The composite roster of this regiment contains the names of 994 men.


    Sifakis - The Compendium of the Confederate Armies

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