Louisiana 1st Regular Infantry Regiment (Strawbridge's)



    The 1st Regular Infantry Regiment, formerly the 1st Louisiana Militia Infantry, entered Confederate service in February, 1861. Most of the officers and men were from New Orleans and the immediate area. It served at Pensacola, then moved to Tennessee and took an active part in the Battle of Shiloh. After being on duty in Mississippi, the unit was assigned to Deas', Liddell's, and Gibson's Brigade. It participated in many conflicts from Murfreesboro to Nashville then served at Mobile. This regiment lost 8 killed, 71 wounded, and 23 missing at Murfreesboro, had 4 officers and 64 men in December, 1863, and during the Atlanta Campaign, May 9-27, reported 13 casualties. Only 39 men were present in November, 1864, and half that number were included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana.


    Lieutenant Colonels:
      S.S. Batchelor
      Frederick H. Farrar, Jr.
      Frederick M. Kent
      Charles M. Bradford
      Douglas West


    Santa Rosa Island, FL Apr. 13, 1861
    Shiloh, TN
    Murfreesboro, TN
    Nashville, TN
    Mobile, AL
    The Atlanta Campaign


    The composite roster of this regiment contains the names of 2024 men. Most of the men were from New Orleans and the immediate area.



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