Louisiana 28th Infantry Regiment - Gray's

Historical Sketch
The Louisiana 28th Infantry Regiment (Gray’s) was organized during the spring of 1862 at Camp Bisland, Louisiana. The men were recruited in the parishes of Bienville, Winn, Ouachita, Jackson, Claiborne, and Calcasieu. For a time it served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and in the fight at Chickasaw Bayou it lost 9 killed, 25 wounded, and 9 missing. Later the unit was assigned to Mouton's and H. Gray's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department. It was involved in the operations against Banks' Red River Campaign and in numerous conflicts in Louisiana. In July, 1862, it contained 25 officers and 278 men, but few were present during the spring of 1865 when the unit disbanded. Officers
• Henry Gray, promoted brigadier general April 15, 1864;
• Thomas W. Pool
Lieutenant Colonels.
• William Walker, killed April 8, 1864 at The Battle of Mansfield;
• Isaac W. Melton
• Thomas W. Pool, promoted colonel April 15, 1864
• Wilber F Blackman, Appt. Adjutant General May 14, 1863
The General Staff.
• Dr. Micajah P. Quinn - Surgeon, resigned June 11, 1863
• Dr. John Henry Gray - Asst. Surgeon
• Dr. William R. McCreight - Asst. Surgeon
• Dr. B. S. Aswell - Hospital Steward
• Richard M. Crowson - Chaplain
• Abram Madden - Quarter Master (A.Q.M.)
• W. L. Green - Quarter Sergeant
• John D. Imboden, A.C.S.
• Wilbur F Blackman, Adj.
• E. K. McGinty - Sergeant Major
• W. J. Slaton - Ordinance Sergeant
• John Trussell - Wagon Master
• W. Sheen - Commissary Manager
• Robert A. M. Winn – Engineer
Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana
Mouton's and H. Gray's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department.
Chickasaw Bayou
March 28, 1863, a detachment helped captured the Federal gunboat Diana in a skirmish on the Atchafalaya River.
Battle of Fort Bisland, April 12-13, 1863
Battle of Irish Bend, April 14, 1863
Battle of Mansfield, April 8, 1864
Battle of Pleasant Hill, April 9, 1864
Battle of Yellow Bayou, May 18, 1864
Company A - (Bienville Parish) "Bienville Stars."
Company B - (Bossier Parish) "Marks Guards".
Company C - (Jackson Parish)
Company D - (Claiborne Parish) "Claibornes Invincibles".
Company E - (Winn Parish.)
Company F - (Jackson Parish) "Jacksons Volunteers."
Company G - (Winn Parish.)
Company H - (Bienville Parish)
Company I - (Jackson Parish.)
Company K - (Winn Parish)
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