Louisiana 3rd Cavalry Regiment - Harrison's

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Louisiana 3rd Cavalry Regiment (Harrison's) was organized during the winter of 1863-1864 with men from the southwestern section of the state. For a time it served behind Federal lines, then was attached to the Trans-Mississippi Department. This unit was active within the boundaries of Louisiana and saw action in the operations against Banks' Red River Campaign. Later it skirmished in various conflicts and disbanded in May, 1865. OFFICERS: Colonel
Isaac F. Harrison
Lieutenant Colonel:
Francis W. Moore, [resigned ?]
William R. Purvis
E.S. McCall
ASSIGNMENTS: SERVICE: Red River Campaign (March-June 1864)
Fort DeRussy [detachment Company H] (March 14, 1864)
Bayou Des Cedars (April 17, 1864)
Hadnot’s Plantation (May 1, 1864)
ROSTERS: Company A ~ Tensas Parish - [originally Company A, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Tensas Cavalry, McCall's, Buckner's)
Company B ~ Madison Parish [originally Company B, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Harper's, Wells's)
Company C ~ Caldwell Parish - Faulkner's or Caldwell Defenders [originally Company C, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Faulkner’s, Fluitt’s)
Company D ~ Catahoula Parish [originally Company D, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Purvis's, Gillespie's)
Company E ~ Catahoula Parish [originally Company E, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (James's)
Company F ~ Morehouse Parish [originally Company F, 15th Battalion Cavalry] (Comer's)
Company G ~ Caddo Parish - Red River Rangers [originally Company G, 15th Battalion Cavalry; remnants of Nutt's Red River Rangers Company Cavalry] (Red River Rangers, Sewall's/Sewell's)
Company H ~ Jackson Parish (Peck’s)
Company I ~ St. Mary Parish - [originally an independent company of cavalry] (Lovell Scouts, Ker's, Picot’s)
Company K ~ St. Landry Parish - [originally an independent company of cavalry] (Prairie Rangers, Van Woert’s, Spencer’s, Todd’s)
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