The Civil War
in Maryland



April 19 Attack in streets of Baltimore MASSACHUSETTS--6th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA-26th Infantry. Union loss, 4 killed, 20 wounded. Total, 24.

April 21 Occupation of Fort Carroll UNITED STATES--5th Infantry (Detachment).

May 6 Occupation of Relay House MASSACHUSETTS--6th Militia Infantry; Cook's Battery Light Arty. NEW YORK--8th Militia Infantry.

May 13 Occupation of Baltimore by U.S. Troops MASSACHUSETTS--6th Militia Infantry; Cook's Battery Light Arty. NEW YORK--8th Militia Infantry.

June 10-July 7 Expedition to Rockville DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--2d, 3d, 5th and 8th Battalions Infantry. NEW HAMPSHIRE--1st Infantry. NEW YORK--9th State Militia Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--17th Infantry. UNITED STATES----Griffin's Battery "D," 5th Arty.; 1st Dragoons (Owens' Company).

June 11 Occupation of Cumberland INDIANA--11th Infantry.

June 14 Skirmish, Seneca Mills DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--2d Battalion Infantry.

June 17 Skirmish, Conrad's Ferry NEW HAMPSHIRE--1st Infantry (5 Cos.).

June 18 Skirmish, Goose Creek (Edward's Ferry).. PENNSYLVANIA--1st and 17th Infantry. UNITED STATES--1st Dragoons (Cos. "B," "C," "D" and "I"). Union loss, 1 killed, 4 wounded. Total, 5.

June 18 Action, Edward's Ferry UNITED STATES--Battery "D," 5th Arty (Section).

July 7 Skirmish, Great Falls DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--8th Battalion Infantry. Loss, 2 killed.

July 29 Skirmish, Edward's Ferry WISCONSIN--1st Infantry.

Aug. 5 Skirmish, Point of Rocks PENNSYLVANIA--28th Infantry.

Aug. 18 Skirmish, Sandy Hook (No Reports.)

Aug. 25 Skirmish, Great Falls (No Reports.)

Sept. 4 Skirmish, Great Falls PENNSYLVANIA--7th (36th), and 8th (37th) Reserves Infantry.

Sept. 15 Skirmish, Pritchard's Mills, near Antietam Ford MASSACHUSETTS---13th Infantry (2 Cos.). NEW YORK--9th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. PENNSYLVANIA--28th Infantry (Cos. "B," "D," "I").

Sept. 16-20 Skirmishes opposite Seneca Creek NEW YORK--34th Infantry (Detachment).

Sept. 18 Skirmish near Berlin (No Reports.)

Sept. 24 Skirmish, Point of Rocks PENNSYLVANIA--28th Infantry.

Sept. 29 Skirmish near Berlin MARYLAND--1st Infantry.

Oct. 22-Nov. 12... Operations about Budd's Ferry Hooker's Division, Army Potomac.

Nov. 3-11 Expedition into Lower Maryland NEW HAMPSHIRE---5th Infantry. NEW JERSEY--5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--36th and 45th Infantry. RHODE ISLAND--4th Infantry. UNITED STATES---2 Squadrons Cavalry.

Nov. 14 Affair, Mouth of Mattowoman Creek MASSACHUSETTS--1st Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "A," 5th Arty.

Dec. 15 Capture of Sloop "Victory". INDIANA--3d Cavalry.

Dec. 17-20 Operations about Dams 4 and 5 CONNECTICUT--5th Infantry. MARYLAND---1st Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--29th Infantry. UNITED STATES---Battery "F," 4th Arty.

Dec. 19 Action, Point of Rocks PENNSYLVANIA--28th Infantry.

Dec. 25 Skirmish, Frederick Fort MARYLAND--1st Infantry (Co. "H").

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