The Maryland Line

The term "Maryland Line" referred to the quota of numbered infantry regiments assigned to Maryland at various times by the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War. These, together with similar contingents from the other twelve states, formed the Continental Line. The concept was particularly important in relation to the promotion of commissioned officers. Officers of the Continental Army below the rank of brigadier general were ordinarily ineligible for promotion except in the line of their own state.

The term was also used generally to refer to Maryland troops who served for the Confederacy.

The Maryland Line

The Confederate Maryland Line was made up of volunteers from Maryland who, despite their home state remaining in the Union, fought for the Confederacy. According to the best extant records, up to 25,000 Marylanders went south to fight for the Confederacy. Most fought in the Army of Northern Virginia, and it was not until late in 1863 that a Maryland Line in the CSA was formally created. However, by this late stage in the war, few men wished to leave the units they had fought alongside for more than two years, and the exiles' dream of an independent Maryland Line in the Confederate army was never fully realized.

During the events of April 1861 in Baltimore, around 15,000 Marylanders had volunteered to serve under the command of Colonel Isaac Trimble for the defense of the city, but following the occupation of Baltimore on May 13 by Union General Benjamin Butler, these new units were forbidden to assemble and effectively ceased to exist.


    The National Archives rolls contains only 34 names for the Maryland Line.

      Ashton, Henry ~ Co. D
      Battey, J.C. ~ Co. D
      Bulch, ~ Co. C
      Burger, ~ Co.
      Burnett, H. J. ~ Co.
      Cady, G. W. N. ~ Co. D
      Cola, James ~ Co. D
      Crump, W.G. ~ Co. A
      Dukes, Daniel J. ~ Co.
      Erwin, A. D. ~ Co.
      Foster, Michael ~ Co. D
      Fowler, Spencer D. ~ Co.
      Gibbons (Givins), Charles J. ~ Co. ...
      James, J. W. ~ Co. A
      Jones, John W. ~ Co. A
      Law, D. O. ~ Co. D
      McCardell, Thos. F. ~ Co.
      McGee, George R. ~ Co. B
      Mercer, R. ~ Co. B
      Moorehead, ~ Co.
      Morrow, John ~ Co. B
      Olive, Th. ~ Co. A
      Owen, H.C. ~ Co. A
      Polk, Josiah B. ~ Co.
      Ross, Alexander ~ Co.
      Schaeffer, P. W. ~ Co.
      Shafer, P. W. ~ Co.
      Shephard (Sheppard), J. P. ~ Co.
      Stephens, David ~ Co. B
      Walters, Charles ~ Co.
      Watters, Jesse ~ Co.
      Wiley, F. J. ~ Co.
      Wilson, Henry ~ Co. B
      Withers, W. ~ Co. C