Maryland 1st Cavalry Regiment (CSA)


The 1st Cavalry Regiment began its formation in May, 1862 and became a four-company battalion at Winchester, Virginia in November. It appears that only four addtional companies ever joined the unit. The 1st Cavalry served in W. E. Jones', F. Lee's, and Lomax's Brigade, then the Maryland Line. Later it was under the command of W.L. Jackson, W.H. Payne, and T.T. Munford. It fought in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, the Pennsylvania Campaign, and at Beaver Dam Station, Pollard's Farm, and Trevillian's Station. The unit continued the fight in Early's Washington Campaign, McCausland's raid on Chambersburg, and later in the Shenandoah Valley and around Appomattox. In April, 1865, it cut through Federal lines at Appomattox and disbanded.

Commander: Major, Lt. Col. Ridgely Brown (KIA 1 June 1864)
Gustavus W. Dorsey, Lt. Col.
Robert C. Smith, Major
Adjutant: Lt. G.W. Booth (WIA 23 April 1863)


11/62-02/63 Assigned to the Maryland Line,
02/63-06/63 (Grumble) Jones' Brigade, Cavalry Div, Valley District, ANV
06/63-09/63 Fitz Lee's Brigade, Cavalry Div, ANV
09/63-11/63 Lomax's Brigade, Fitz Lee's Div Cavalry Corps, ANV
11/63-06/64 Maryland Line Department Of Richmond
06/64-06/64 Jones-Johnson Brigade, Ransom-Lomax Cavalry Div, Valley District, DNV
07/64-03/65 Jackson-Davidsons Brigade, Lomax' Cavalry Div, Valley District, DNV

Brig. Gen. Henry Brevard Davidson

04/65-04/65 Paynes Brigade, Fitz Lee-Munford Division, Cavalry Corps ANV

Moorefield and Petersburg, 2-5 January 1863.
Jones and Imbodens West Virgina Raid, April 1863.
Greenland Gap, 25 April 1863. 4 killed (Pvt. Swamley/D, Pvt. Spencer/E Color Cpl. Carvill/B, Pvt. Dorsey/C) 8 wounded (Major Brown, Adjutant Booth, Capt. Smith/C, Lt. Pue, Lt. Beatty, Pvt. Grogan/C, Pvt. Lambden/D,?)
Fairmont, 29 April 1863. 2 killed (wounded mortally), 1 wounded
Bridgeport, 30 April 1863. 1 killed (wounded mortally)
Middleburg, 19 June 1863.
Winchester, 25 June 1863.
Gettysburg, 1-3 July 1863.
Montery Gap 4 July 1863.
Hagerstown, 6-13 July 1863.
Bristoe VA Campaign,10-21 October 1863. 4 killed (Pvt. Shipley/A), 11 wounded, 5 captured Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid, February/March 1864.
New Market, 15 May 1864.
Pollard Farm, 27 May 1864. per Maj. Walker of 7th US Michigan Cav Report of 4 July 1864 "charged 1st Maryland Cavalary - killed 4, wounded 6, captured 36 - no casualties".
South Anna River, 1 June 1864. Col. Brown killed
Trevilian Station, 11-12 June 1864.
Moorefield, 7 August 1864.
3rd Winchester, 19 September 1864.
Fisher's Hill, 22 September 1864.
Ceder Creek, 19 October 1864.
Waynesborough, 2 March 1865
Appomattox Court House, 9 April 1865.

The rolls of this regiment contains the names of 1141 men.
Field Staff and Band
Company A
Company B
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Company G
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