Minnesota 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment


The Companies of the 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery were ordered to Chattanooga, Tennessee, as fast as organized and served garrison duty there until September, 1865. Many of the officers were recruited from discharged veteran sergeants of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment and corporals from the 3rd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 4th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and 5th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment. It was composed of twelve companies, each containing 140 men, besides the officers. The Regiment was mustered out September 27, 1865.

The Regiment lost during service by disease 87.

The last surviving veteran of the American Civil War from either side, Albert Woolson, was a member of this regiment.
  • William Colvill, April 26, 1865 to May 6, 1865.
  • Luther L. Baxter, May 7, 1865 to September 27, 1865.
Lt. Colonel:
  • Luther L. Baxter, February 25, 1865 to April 26, 1865.

Garrison duty, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As the war had essentially by-passed Chattanooga by the time this regiment was organized, they were not engaged in any battles.


The National Archives Index contains the names of 2601 men who served with this regiment.



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