The Civil War in Minnesota

11th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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The Minnesota 11th Regiment Infantry was organized at Fort Snelling, Minn., August and September, 1864 and was mustered in by companies at various dates. It left the state Sept. 20, was detained in Chicago a week, and reported at Nashville, where it was detailed by companies to guard the railroad against guerrillas. Headquarters were established at Gallatin, with Cos. E, G and I as guard at that point, A was located at Buck lodge, B at Edgefield Junction, C at Richland, D at Sandersville and Alexander's bridge, F and K at the tunnel, and H at Mitchellville. The regiment passed the time of its service in that region in the somewhat wearisome work imposed by guard, picket and patrol duty, and the life was spiced by an occasional chase after guerrillas. A herd of 1,500 cattle, captured by a band of mounted guerrillas, was recaptured and 2 men were killed by the guerrillas March 12, 1865, near Gallatin. In the early summer the guerrillas surrendered to Lieut. Hall, post provost marshal, and on June 26, the regiment started for home. It was mustered out July 11, 1865.

The Regiment lost during service 3 Enlisted men killed and 1 Officer and 21 Enlisted men by disease. Total 25.

Col., James Gilfillan; Lieut. -Col., John Ball; Maj., Martin Maginnis.


Moved to Chicago, St. Louis, Mo., and Nashville, Tenn., September 20-October 5, 1864. Attached to railroad guard Louisville & Nashville Railroad, Dept. of the Cumberland, to March, 1865. 4th Sub-District, District of Middle Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to June, 1865.


Assigned to duty guarding line of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad from Nashville to the Kentucky line. Companies "E," "G" and "I" at Gallatin, Tenn.; Company "A" at Buck Lodge; Company "B" at Edgefield Junction; Company "C" at Richland; Company "D" at Sandersville; Companies "F" and "K" at--------, and Company "H" at Mitchellsville October, 1864, to June, 1865. Moved to St. Paul June 26-July 5. Mustered out June 26, 1865, and discharged at St. Paul July 11, 1865.


Company D


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