1. The Civil War in Missouri: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography

    Divided State: Missouri Military Organizations in the Civil War
  2. 1st - 5th Regiments
  3. 6th - 25th Regiments
  4. 26th - 60th Regiments
  5. 60th - 89th Regiments
  6. A - L Regiments
  7. M - Z Regiments
  8. Missouri Civil War Union Militia Organizations

    Missouri Men Who Served in Illinois Civil War Regiments

  9. Surnames A-L
  10. Surnames M-Z
  11. Missouri Men Who Served in Kansas Civil War Regiments
  12. Portraits of Missouri and Illinois Civil War Union Officers
  13. 1880 Reunion of Benton County Veterans of Civil War [includes veterans from CO, DE, IL, IN, KS, KY, ME, MA, MI, MN, MO, OH, NY, PA, WI, and United States Regulars]
  14. 1881 G.A.R. Old Soldiers Reunion [includes veterans from AR, CA, CT, IA, IN, IL , KS, KY, ME, MI, MN, MO, Navy, NE, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA, WI, Independent from Ringgold Cavalry, US Infantry, Wilderness Scout, Engineer Corp.]
  15. 1889 Roster of ex-Soldiers and Soldiers Widows in Lincoln County, KS [includes states of CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, OH, NY, PA, TN, VT, WI, WV, US Regiment, and Vet. Reserve Corp]
  16. Noted Guerrillas, or the Warfare of the Border
  17. 1890 Veterans Census Hancock County, WV [inclues states of IA, IN, IL, MO, NC, NY, OH, PA, VA, WV, and units of USA Infantry, Surgeons with no states listed, US Light Artillery, and numerous Veterans with no unit or state listed.]
  18. 1890 Census Reconstruction - Coos County, Oregon Listing of soldiers/sailors from US Infantry, US Artillery, Navy, and states of AR, CA, CO, CT, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MN, NC, NH, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, TX, VA, WI, Washington; to include many names without state identification.
  19. 1907 Census or Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers Residing in the State of Alabama - Baldwin County [includes numerous states]
  20. 1907 Census or Enumeration of Confederate Soldiers Residing in the State of Alabama - Washington County [includes numerous states] Roster of Men Who Served in Missouri Civil War Union Regiments Living in Nebraska in 1915
  21. 1883 Wilson County Veterans of the War: A list of Union Soldiers Living in Wilson County, KS
  22. 1893 Nebraska Census of Civil War Veterans (listed by state)
  23. Barry County and Newton County, MO Historical Items to include numerous Civil War Rosters
  24. Barton County, MO
  25. Battle of Dug Spring
  26. Benton County, TN Genealogy _ Tradegy at Duck Hill Station, Collision of the James Brown and the A. M. West [numerous soldiers/states listed]
  27. Biographical Sketch of Confederate Soldiers
  28. Biographical Sketch of Union Soldiers
  29. Brevet Union Generals of the Civil War Listed alphabetically by Soldier's name
  30. Brevet Major General John H. McNeil, USV
  31. Civil War Pensions by State
  32. Civil War Veterans Reunion -Unionville, MO; Putman County - September 1889 [numerous states listed]
  33. Featured Biographies and Obituaries [numerous states listed]
  34. Civil War St. Louis
  35. Cole County Historical Society - Links to Civil War Pages
  36. Confederate Deaths, Vicksburg Hospitals, June and July 1863 Includes states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisana, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee
  37. Confederate Veterans of Wright County, MO.
  38. Fort Union National Monument: Regiments whose Components were assigned to Fort Union
  39. Freeman's Regiment, Missouri Cavalry, CSA
  40. Fristoe's Cavalry
  41. The General Lyon Disaster
  42. Sources for the Steamer General Lyon Disaster - The New York Times - April, 1865 and The Times of London, April 27, 1865
  43. The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in MO
  44. Gratiot State Prison
  45. Great Locomotive Chase (Andrews Raiders) by Find-A-Grave. [includes the states of CA, GA, IA, IL, KS, MO, NY, OH, TN, TX, WV]
  46. Greenwood County, Kansas Civil War Veteran's Reunion 1887
  47. Hearts of Blue & Gray - Civil War Sites in Cape Girardeau, Missouri
  48. Howard & Cooper County
  49. Hungarians in Civil War Missouri
  50. Illinois Soldier's and Sailor's Home, Quincy, IL - Admission of Mexican War and Civil War Veterans [numerous states]
  51. Index to the Civil War in Missouri Links and Resources
  52. Index to the Officers of Missouri Volunteers and Missouri State Militia
  53. Iron County in the Civil War
  54. Johnson County, MO
  55. USGenWeb Missouri Civil War Veterans Counties of Laclede, Lafayette, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn and Livingston Counties
  56. Military Order of the Loyal Legion (MOLLUS) - Missouri Commandry
  57. Missouri Confederate Brigade
  58. Missouri Civil War
  59. Missouri Civil War Map of Battles
  60. Missouri Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks
  61. Missouri Civil War Union Militia Organizations
  62. Missouri in the Civil War by USGenWeb
  63. Missouri Digital Heritage: Soldiers' Records: War of 1812 - World War I
  64. Missouri Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Independence Chapter 710
  65. Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans
  66. Missouri Medal of Honor Recipients A-L [includes soldiers of various states]
  67. Missouri Medal of Honor Recipients M-Z [includes soldiers of various states]
  68. Missouri State Archives Soldier's Database: War of 1812 - World War I.
  69. Missouri Volunteer Forces in the Civil War with Federal Service (Union)
  70. Missouri Volunteer Forces in the Civil War with Federal Service (Union): Missouri Home Guard
  71. Muster Roll of Company A Jackson's Company 1865
  72. Platte County, Nebraska Civil War Veterans - Veterans listed by date of death. Includes the following states: California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusettes, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Captain Pawnee Scouts, U.S. Infantry.
  73. Polk County Missouri Civil War Veterans
  74. Quantrill's Partisan Rangers
  75. Records of the Veterans Administration: Great Lakes Region, Chicago - Home for Disabled Soldiers in Marion, Indiana This website is well worth looking at. Records of the Marion Branch, Marion, IN. Sample Case Files of Veterans Temporarily at the Branch, 1890-1930. States/Units listed: CT, IN, IA, IL, KY, MD, MI, MO, MN, NH, NY, OH, PA, TN, USCT units, US Cavalry and US Infantry, US Signal Corps, 23rd Recruit Company, Quartermaster Depot, Veterans Reserve Corp, US Navy, US Field Artillery and more.
  76. Regimental Nicknames
  77. Roster of Quantrill's, Anderson's and Todd's Guerrillas and other "Missouri Jewels"
  78. St. Francois County Civil War Index
  79. Stone Prairie Home Guard (Barry County)
  80. Surgeon on Horseback - a book of civil war letters and Journal of Dr. Charles Brackett of Rochester, Indiana - 1st Indiana Cavalry and 9th Illinois Cavalry
  81. United Daughters of the Confederacy: Stonewall Jackson Chapter 476 [numerous soldiers/units listed under "Our Ancestors"
  82. United Daughters of the Confederacy: Independence Chapter 710
  83. United States Resources: Missouri
  84. Union Regimental History Index
  85. Union Soldiers Executed
    St. Louis Civil War Era Newspapers, 1861-1865

  86. 1st Missouri Light Artillery - The Turner Brigade - Adjutant General's ReportAlso includes 5th MO Vol. Cavalry, 17th MO Infantry, Medical Corps and
  87. 2nd Missouri Cavalry, Co. B, CSA
  88. 5th Missouri Infantry
  89. 7th Regiment Missouri Cavalry, CSA, Special Orders 1864 [also lists some officers and soldiers]
  90. 7th Missouri Cavalry, CSA
  91. 7th Regiment Missouri Calvary, CSA
  92. 7thProvisional Enrolled Missouri Militia, Co. G [Captain Ray's]
  93. 7thProvisional Enrolled Missouri Militia, Co. K [Captain Ritchie's]
  94. 8th Missouri Cavalry, CSA
  95. 8th Missouri Infantry, CSA
  96. Units of the 8th Division Missouri State Guard
  97. Units of the 9th Regiment Infantry Missouri Volunteers aka 59th Illinois Infantry
  98. 10th Missouri Cavalry
  99. 10th Missouri Cavalry
  100. 10th Missouri Infantry
  101. 10th Missouri Infantry, Co. B
  102. 11th Missouri Cavalry CSA
  103. 12th Regiment, Missouri Infantry, Company G
  104. 15th Missouri Cavalry Regiment Co. L, CSA
  105. 15thMissouri Cavalry, Co. G [Captain Ray's]
  106. 15thMissouri Cavalry, Co. K [Captain Ritchie's]
  107. 16th Missouri Infantry Roster Co. F, CSA, Henry County
  108. 21st Missouri Infantry
  109. 23rd Missouri Volunteer Infantry
  110. 26thMissouri Volunteer Infantry, USA
  111. 28th Enrolled Missouri Militia [aka E.M.M.]
  112. 29thMissouri Volunteer Infantry, USA
  113. 39thMissouri Infantry Volunteers, Co. G and the Centralia Massacre
  114. 42ndMissouri Muster Roll 1864
  115. 49thMissouri Volunteer Infantry
  116. 76thEnrolled Missouri Militia, Co. I, 1864 [Captain Lowe's]
  117. 76thEnrolled Missouri Militia, Co. I, 1862-63 [Captain Ritchie's]
  118. 76thEnrolled Missouri Militia, Co. K, 1863 [Captain Hening's]
  119. 76thEnrolled Missouri Militia, Co. K, 1864 [Captain Burgess']
  120. 76thEnrolled Missouri Militia, Co. L [Captain Ray's]

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