Missouri Jackman's Cavalry Regiment


Historical Notes:

    7th (Jackman's) Infantry Regiment was assembled in August, 1862, but never completed its organization. Colonel Jackman led a small number of men on raids in Missouri so they were often called a "band of guerrillas." Later some of the officers and men merged into the 16th Missouri Regiment Associated unit: Jackman's Cavalry Regiment was organized during the late spring of 1864 and in August totalled about 300 men. It served in S.D. Jackman's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department, and participated in Price's Missouri operations. The regiment ended the war in Texas and disbanded before the surrender in June, 1865.
    First Organization:
    Colonel Jackman, and Lieutenant Colonels Pleasant W.H. Cumming, Jesse P. Herrell, and Levin M. Lewis.

    Second Organization:
    Colonel Sidney D. Jackman, Lieutenant Colonel C.H. Nichols, and Major G.W. Newton.

    Guerrilla operations - unassigned
    Raids is Missouri
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Civil War in Missouri
Rigdon, John
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Confederate Military History - Missouri Volume

Confederate Military History - Missouri Volume

Confederate Military History - Missouri Volume

Confederate Military History - Missouri Volume


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