The Civil War in Missouri

Missouri 3rd Cavalry Regiment

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Historical Notes:
    The Missouri 3rd Cavalry Regiment was organized during the summer of 1862 with men from Springfield and Newtonia, and Polk County. Many of its members had seen prior service in the Missouri State Guard. The unit fought in Marmaduke's Expedition into Missouri, participated in numerous conflicts in Arkansas, and with Marmaduke, 9 at Helena, and 4 at Bayou Fourche. The regiment lost 2 killed and 5 wounded at Poison Spring, 6 killed and 31 wounded at Jenkin Ferry, and 19 killed and 110 wounded during Price's Expedition. In the spring of 1865 it disbanded.
    Colton Green

    Lieutenant Colonels:
    L.A. Campbell
    L.C. Campbell

    James Surridge
    Shelby's, C. Green's, and J.B. Clark's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department.
    Marmaduke's Expedition into Missouri
    participated in numerous conflicts in Arkansas
    Bayou Fourche
    Poison Spring
    Jenkin Ferry
    Price's Expedition
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