This regiment was known for its guerilla-warfare. One of the commanders was Colonel Joseph C. Porter. The regiment was also known as "Porter's Regiment", it was commanded by Col. Joseph C. Porter, Lt. Col. William C. Blanton, and Maj. Elliott D. Majors. It was recruited in north east Missouri and it operated primarily in north central Missouri. It's "guerilla-like" strikes were very effective against the Federals. Engagements where it saw action were: Memphis (Mo.) Vassar Hill, Moore's Mill (125 men), Kirksville, Florida, Santa Fe (Mo.). "...Porter's men had marched 500 miles in fifteen days, capturing two towns, fought four battles, two against superior numbers, paroled a hundred prisoners, conducted extensive scouting, patrolling, and recruiting operations, and tied down and confused Federal forces many times their size--all of this accomplished by mostly teenage boys with no military training." (Blue & Gray Magazine, March 2000 issue, article entitled, "Porter in North Missouri").


    Colonel Joseph C. Porter
    Maj. Elliott D. Majors
    Lt. Col. William C. Blanton



    Battle of Cherry Grove
    Battle of Memphis June 6, 1862
    Battle of Varssar Hill - July 19, 1862
    Battle of Florida - July 22, 1862
    Battle of Santa Fe - July 24, 1862
    Battle of Moore's Mill - July 28, 1862
    Battle of Newark - August 1, 1862
    Battle of Kirksville - August 6, 1862



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