Military Units Formed in Mississippi

49 Infantry Regiments.
24 Cavalry Regiments.
16 Cavalry Battalions.
1 Regiment Cavalry Reserves.
7 Regiments State Troops.
3 Battalions State Troops.
8 Battalions State Cavalry.
1 Mixed Regiment, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee.
Mixed Battalion, Mississippi and Tennessee.
Mixed Mississippi and Alabama Cavalry Battalion.
1 Regiment Partisan Rangers.
1 Battalion Partisan Rangers.
5 Battalions Sharpshooters. Artillery Regiment. Artillery Battalion. Artillery Battery.
Jeff Davis Legion, mixed Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia cavalry.

1st Artillery Battalion
1st Cavalry Battalion - 440 men
1st Cavalry Battalion ~ Choctaw - 22 men
1st Cavalry Battalion State Troops - 644 men
1st Cavalry Regiment ~ Wirt Adams'
1st Cavalry Regiment ~ Lindsay's - 2428 men
1st Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers
1st Cavalry Regiment Reserves - 1081 men
1st Cavalry Regiment Minutemen ~ Blythe's
1st Confederate Infantry (Villepique's)
1st Confederate Veterans
1st Battalion - 29 men
1st Infantry Battalion ~ Army of 10,000 - 353 men
1st Infantry Battalion ~ Sharpshooters - 600 men
1st Infantry Battalion ~ State Troops - 596 men
1st Infantry Battalion ~ State Troops (30 days ~ 1864) - 605 men
1st Infantry Battalion Minute Men ~ Harper's
1st Infantry Regiment ~ Blythe's
1st Infantry Regiment ~ Percy's - 559 men
1st Infantry Regiment ~ Patton's Army of 10,000 - 746 men
1st Infantry Regiment ~ Simonton's
1st Infantry Regiment Militia - 4 men
1st Infantry Regiment Minute Men
1st Infantry Regiment Reserves ~ 4 men
1st Infantry Regiment State Troops - 5 men
1st Infantry Regiment State Troops - 372 men
1st Infantry Regiment State Troops ~ King's - 1191 men
1st Infantry Regiment State Troops ~ Foote's - 83 men
1st Light Artillery Regiment ~ 3357 men
1st Mississippi Valley Infantry
2nd Artillery Regiment - 1 man
2nd Cavalry Battalion ~ Baskerville's
2nd Cavalry Battalion ~ Brewer's
2nd Cavalry Battalion ~ Martin's
2nd Cavalry Battalion Reserves ~ 311 men
2nd Cavalry Battalion State Troops ~ 413 men
2nd Cavalry Regiment ~ 2470 men
2nd Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers ~ Ballentine's - 1641 men
2nd Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers ~ Blythe's
2nd Cavalry Regiment State Troops - 1863 men
2nd Infantry Battalion - 1294 men
2nd Infantry Battalion Reserves - 5 men
2nd Infantry Battalion Minute Men ~ Cook's
2nd Infantry Regiment Minute Men
2nd Infantry Battalion State Troops ~ Harris' - 81 men
2nd Infantry Regiment - 4126 men
2nd Infantry Regiment Militia - 5 men
2nd Infantry Regiment ~ Partisan Rangers - 171 men
2nd Infantry Regiment Reserves - 13 men
2nd Infantry Regiment State Troops - 826 men
2nd Infantry Regiment ~ Davidson's - 7 men
2nd Confederate Infantry Regiment
3rd Cavalry Battalion - 596 men
3rd Cavalry Battalion Reserves
3rd Cavalry Battalion State Troops - 215 men
3rd Cavalry Regiment - 1356 men
3rd Cavalry Regiment State Troops
3rd, 14th (Confederate) and 38th Consolidated Cavalry Regiment ~ 5 men
3rd Infantry Battalion ~ Hardcastle's
3rd Infantry Battalion ~ William's
3rd Infantry Battalion Minute Men ~ Burgin's
3rd Infantry Regiment Minute Men
3rd Infantry Battalion State Troops
3rd Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Regiment Consolidated
3rd Infantry Regiment Militia
3rd Infantry Regiment State Troops
4th Cavalry Battalion - 465 men
4th Cavalry Regiment - 1466 men
4th Confederate Veterans
4th Infantry Regiment State Troops - 142 men
4th Infantry Regiment
5th Artillery Battery - 1 man
5th Cavalry Regiment - 1270 men
5th Infantry Battalion - 320 men
5th Infantry Regiment - 1717 men
5th Infantry Regiment Minute Men
5th Infantry Regiment State Troops - 1385 men
6th Cavalry Battalion State Troops - 77 men
6th Cavalry Regiment - 1610 men
6th Cavalry Reserves - 1 man
6th Infantry Battalion ~ Balfour's
6th Infantry Battalion ~ Orr's
6th Infantry Regiment - 2274 men
6th Infantry Regiment State Troops - 1 man
7th Congressional District - 1 man
7th Regiment Cavalry Reserves - 1 man
7th Cavalry Regiment - 2180 men
7th Infantry Battalion - 1150 men
7th Infantry Regiment - 2243 men
8th Cavalry Regiment - 1547 men
8th Infantry Battalion - 39 men
8th Infantry Battalion Consolidated
8th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters
8th Infantry Regiment - 2186 men
9th Cavalry Regiment- 789 men
9th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters - 480 men
9th Infantry Regiment - 3261 men
9th Infantry Regiment Consolidated
10th Cavalry Regiment - 1772 men
10th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters (See The 1st Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters)
10th Battery Artillery - 1 man
10th Regiment Mississippi Rifles - 1 man
10th Infantry Regiment - 2701 men
11th Cavalry Regiment - 608 men
11th Heavy Artillery Battalion
11th Infantry Regiment2771 men
12th Cavalry Battalion
12th Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangers
12th Cavalry Regiment - 1289 men
12th Cavalry Regiment ~ Inge's
13th Cavalry Regiment - 8 men
12th Infantry Regiment - 2427 men
13th Infantry Battalion
13th Infantry Regiment - 2665 men
14th Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangers
14th Confederate Cavalry Regiment - 10 men
14th Infantry Regiment - 2528 men
14th Infantry Regiment Consolidated - 434 men
14th Light Artillery Battalion - 611 men
15th Cavalry Regiment - 8 men
15th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters - 229 men
15th Infantry Regiment - 2753 men
15th Infantry Regiment Consolidated - 304 men
16th Cavalry Battalion State Troops
16th Infantry Regiment - 2483 men
17th Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangers - 544 men
17th Infantry Regiment - 2725 men
18th Artillery Battalion - 2 men
18th Cavalry Regiment - 2003 men
18th Infantry Regiment - 2655 men
19th Cavalry Battalion ~ Duff's
19th Cavalry Battalion State Troops ~ George's
19th Infantry Regiment - 2172 men
20th Cavalry Regiment - 4 men
20th Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters - See MS 1st Infantry Battalion Sharpshooters
20th Infantry Regiment - 2416 men
21st Infantry Regiment - 2008 men
22nd Infantry Regiment - 2390 men
22nd Cavalry Regiment - 4 men
23rd Infantry Regiment - 2252 men
24th Cavalry Battalion (Moorman's) - 857 men
24th Infantry Regiment - 2364 men
24th Infantry Regiment Consolidated
25th Infantry Regiment - 723 men
26th Cavalry Regiment - 3 men
26th Infantry Regiment
27th Cavalry Regiment - 1 man
27th Infantry Regiment - 2206 men
28th Cavalry Regiment- 2612 men
29th Infantry Regiment - 1890 men
30th Cavalry Regiment - 3 men
30th Infantry Regiment - 1726 men
31st Cavalry Regiment - 2 men
31st Infantry Regiment - 2051 men
32nd Infantry Regiment - 1667 men
33rd Infantry Regiment ~ Hurst~Drake's
34th Cavalry Regiment - 2 men
34th Infantry Regiment
35th Infantry Regiment - 2594 men
36th Infantry Regiment - 1965 men
37th Infantry Regiment - 2405 men
38th Cavalry Regiment - 1774 men
38th Infantry Regiment - 10 men
39th Infantry Regiment - 1697 men
40th Infantry Regiment
41st Cavalry Regiment - 1 man
41st Infantry Regiment - 2463 men
42nd Infantry Regiment
43rd Infantry Regiment - 2502 men
44th Infantry Regiment - 2139 men
45th Infantry Regiment
46th Infantry Regiment - 1947 men
48th Infantry Regiment
49th Infantry Regiment
51st Infantry Regiment
52nd Infantry Regiment
63rd Infantry Regiment
64th Infantry Regiment
Abbott's Company, Mississippi Cavalry - 38 men
Adair's Company, Mississippi (Lodi Company) - 53 men
Adams' Company, Mississippi (Holmes County Independent) - 74 men See MS 1st Cavalry (Adams)
Applewhite's Company, Mississippi (Vaiden Guards) - 56 men
Armistead's Company, Mississippi Partisan Rangers - 87 men
Abert's Volunteer Regiment
Army of 10,000
Barnes' Company, Mississippi Home Guards - 46 men
Barr's Company, Mississippi - 33 men
Battalion for Coast Defense
Baxter's Cavalry Battalion
Berry's Company, Mississippi Infantry Reserves - 144 men
Blythe's Battalion, Mississippi State Troops - 155 men
Bowen's Company, Mississippi Cavalry (Chulahoma Cavalry) - 50 men
Bradford's Scouts Cavalry Battalion
Bradford's Company Mississippi Artillery (Confederate Guards Artillery) - 212 men
Breckenridge's Escort, Mississippi Cavalry - 1 man
Brookhaven Light Artillery Battalion
Brown's Company, Mississippi Cavalry (Foster Creek Rangers) - 27 men
Buck's Company, Mississippi Cavalry - 150 men
Buckner Artillery Battalion
Burns' Regiment, Mississippi
Burt's Independent Company, Mississippi (Dixie Guards)
Butler's Company, Mississippi Cavalry Reserves
Byrne's Artillery Battalion
Caruthers's Inf. Battalion
Claiborne Light Infantry
Confederate Guards Artillery Battalion
Davenport's Cavalry Battalion, State Troops
Dunn's Cavalry Battalion, State Troops
Gamblin's Cavalry Battalion, State Troops
Gillenland's Inf. Battalion, State Troops
Gordon's Cavalry Battalion
Ham's Cavalry Regiment
Harvey's Independent Company ~ Cavalry
Hughes's Cavalry Battalion,
Jeff Davis Cavalry Legion
Jefferson Flying Artillery Battalion
Lindsay's Improvised Cavalry Regt.
Local Defense Troops
McLaurin's Cavalry Battalion
Madison Light Artillery Battalion
Matthew's Cavalry Battalion, State Troops
Mississippi Cavalry Reserves ~ 2 men
Mississippi State Troops ~ 5 men
Mississippi State Militia - 9 men
Mississippi Cavalry - 17 men
Mississippi Reserve Force ~ 8 men
Montgomery's Cavalry Battalion
Moorman's Cavalry Battalion
Perrin's Cavalry Battalion, State Troops
Pettus Flying Artillery Battalion
Pound's Battalion Mississippi Sharpshooters
Power's Cavalry Regt.
Power's (New) Cavalry Regt.
Quitman Artillery Battalion
Quitman Light Artillery Battalion
Rea's Inf. Battalion, Sharpshooters
Seven Stars Artillery Battalion
Smyth's Cavalry Battalion
Smith's~Turner's Artillery Battalion
Stanford's Mississippi Battery
Stockdale's Cavalry Battalion
Street's Cavalry Battalion
Stubbs's Cavalry Battalion
Swindoll's Artillery Battalion
Tull's Artillery Battalion
Vaiden Artillery Battalion
Warren Light Artillery Battalion
Wesson Artillery Battalion Local Defense

Federal Units Formed in Mississippi

1st U.S. Cavalry
1st U.S. Heavy Artillery
1st U.S. Infantry Regiment
1st U.S. Mounted Rifles
2nd U.S. Heavy Artillery
2nd U.S. Infantry Regiment
3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment
4th U.S. Infantry Regiment
5th U.S. Infantry Regiment
6th U.S. Infantry Regiment

Alternative Designations:

Ashcraft's Cavalry Regiment - See 3rd Cavalry Battalion
Ballantine's Cav. Regt. 2nd Cav. Regt., Partisan Rangers
Balfour's~Sears's~Clark's Regt. See 44th Infantry Regiment
Baskerville's Cav. Bn. 2nd
Blythe's Inf. Bn. See 1st Infantry Regiment
Blythe's Inf. Regt. See 1st & 44th Infantry Regiment
Brewer's Cav. Bn. 2nd
Byrne's Artillery Battalion (Kentucky Byrne's Art. Batt.)
Choctaw Inf. Bn. See 1st Infantry Regiment
Connor Art. Batt. (1st Light Art. Regt., Co. H)
Davidson's Inf. Regt. See 2nd Infantry Regiment
Duff's Cav. Bn. 19th
English's Artillery Battalion (See Quitman Art. Batt.)
Garland's Cav. Bn., Partisan Rangers 14th
George's Cav. Bn. 19th
Graves's Art Batt. (Kentucky Issaquena Art. Batt.)
Hardcastle's Inf. Inf. Bn. See 3rd Infantry Regiment
Hardcastle's Inf. Regt. See 3rd & 45th Infantry Regiment
Harris's Cav. Bn., State Troops 2nd
Inge's Cav. Bn. 12th
Ingrams's Art. Batt. (Kentucky Issaquena Art. Batt.)
Issaquena Art. Batt. (Kentucky Issaquena Art. Batt.)
Kerr's Artillery Battalion (See Quitman's Artillery Battalion)
Lay's Cav. Regt. (Confederate 20th Cav. Regt.)
Lovell's Artillery Battalion (See Quitman's Artillery Battalion)
Martin's Cav. Bn. 2nd
Robert's Artillery Battalion (See Seven~Stars Artillery Battalion)
Smith's Cav. Regt., State Troops 2nd
Spencer's Artillery Battalion (Kentucky Issaquena Art. Batt.)
Williams's Inf. Bn. See 3rd Infantry Regiment

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