Mississippi 18th Infantry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 18th Infantry Regiment, organized in June, 1861, at Corinth, Mississippi, recruited its members in Yazoo, Coahoma, Madison, De Soto, and Hinds counties. Ordered to Virginia, the unit fought at First Manassas under D.R. Jones, then was engaged at Leesburg. In April, 1862, it contained 684 effectives and served in General Griffith's, Barksdale, and Humphrey's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The 18th participated in many campaigns from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor including the operations at Chickamauga and Knoxville. It went on to fight with Early in the Shenandoah Valley and later around Appomattox. The unit reported 38 casualties at First Manassas, 85 at Leesburg, and 132 at Malvern Hill. Of the 186 engaged at Sharpsburg, forty-three percent were disabled. It had 18 wounded at Fredericksburg, 25 killed and 43 wounded at Chancellorsville, and 18 killed and 82 wounded of the 242 at Gettysburg. Many were captured at Sayler's Creek, and only 4 officers and 44 men surrendered. Officers:
Colonel E.R. Burt
Colonel Thomas M. Griffen
Lt. Colonel Walter G. Kearney
Lt. Colonel William H. Luse
Major John W. Balfour
Major E.G. Henry
Major James C. Campbell
Major George B. Gerald
Quartermaster James Meek
Quartermaster P.M. Doherty
Quartermaster Fountaine Barksdale
Commissary Henry Christmas
Commissary W.W. Rucker
Commissary Thomas L. Leonard
Adjutant S.T. Nicholson
Adjutant O.E. Stuart
Adjutant D.T. Goodloe
Adjutant O.E. Finley
Surgeon James M. Holloway
Surgeon P.H. Griffen
Asst. Surgeon B.B. Barnett
Asst. Surgeon T.D. Merritt
Sgt.Major M.R. Campbell
Sgt.Major W.H. Battley
Sgt.Major Tim E. Cooper
Chaplain J.A. Hackett
General J. L. Alcorn
Brigaded with the Nineteenth Mississippi and Fifth South Carolina under Gen. D.R. Jones,
General Griffith took command
Blackburn’s Ford
1st Manasssas
Ball’s Bluff
Yorktown Siege
Warwick Road
Lee’s Mill
Seven Pines
Seven Days Battles
Allen’s Farm
Savage Station
Malvern Hill
Harper’s Ferry
Maryland Heights
South Mountain
Chattanooga Siege
Knoxville Siege
Fort Sanders
Fair Garden
The Wilderness
North Anna
Totopotomy River
Cold Harbor
Petersburg Siege
Weldon Railroad
Deep Bottom
Strawberry Palins
New Market Road
Malvern Hill
Front Royal
Bunker Hill
Cedar Creek
Petersburg Siege
Hatcher’s Run
Sayler’s Creek
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2655 men.

Company A -- Confederate Rifles (raised in Rankin County, MS)
Company B -- Benton Rifles (raised in Yazoo County, MS)
Company C -- Confederates (raised in Madison County, MS)
Company D -- Hamer Rifles (raised in Yazoo County, MS)
Company E -- Mississippi College Rifles (raised in Hinds County, MS)
Company F -- McClung Rifles (raised in Yazoo County, MS)
Company G -- Camden Rifles (raised in Madison County, MS)
Company H -- Brown Rebels (raised in Hinds County, MS)
Company I -- Beauregard Rifles (raised in Madison County, MS)
Company K -- Burt Rifles (raised in Hinds County, MS)
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