Quitman Light Artillery



    There were evidently two units which were designated the Quitman Light Artillery.

    Lovell's Battery

      This unit was formed in Quitman County. It was also known as English's Artillery Battalion. Some of the men were from Adams county. Crute gives the date of organization as May, 1862 and Sifakis gives late 1861. The USGenWeb site at http://www.natchezbelle.org/adams-ind/quitman.htm gives the date of organization as April 9, 1861.

    Kerr's Battery
      This unit was organized in 1861 and involved in the Vicksburg Siege and operations along the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. It apparently disbanded in mid 1863.


      Captain W.S. Lovell; resigned; promoted Major.
      1st. Lieut. John S. Holt; resigned.
      2nd. Lieut. Geo. W. Miller; resigned.
      3rd. Lieut. Richard T. English. - Promoted to Captain.
      1st. Sergeant; - L.G. Aldrich; promoted Lieutenant.
      2nd. " W. Adams.
      3rd. " B. D. Baker; dead.
      4th. " Wm. H. Mallery.
      1st. Corporal W. W. Wilkins, Jr.
      2nd. " H. H. Richardson.
      3rd. " D. F. Stalker.
      4th. " J. L. Foulk.
      Color " W. D. Irwin.





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