Mississippi 6th Infantry Battalion ~ Balfour's

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 6th Infantry Battalion was organized in the spring of 1862 with 6 companies. Companies A-E assembled at Meridian in April, 1862, and the battalion was organized April 19th, J. W. Balfour, not a member of the companies, being elected commanding officer, and J. W. Jones, Company E, as Major. Companies A and E had been in the Confederate service at New Orleans, which was evacuated about this time. May 18 the battalion was ordered to Vicksburg, where it was on duty at Smede's Point during the bombardment of May 10 to July 27, 1862, under the command of Gen. M. L. Smith, who had charge of the river defenses. The battalion suffered much from sickness and want of drinking water, and many died. The returns of July showed 17 officers and 161 men present for duty, aggregate present 555, present and absent 818.

Meanwhile Companies F-K were mustered in and joined the original five at Vicksburg.

Company K had gone to Virginia in July, 1861, had been attached to the Fifty-ninth Virginia, served in West Virginia, took part in the battle of Roanoke Island, N.C., February 8, 1862, was captured and had returned to Mississippi on being exchanged. Col. J. F. Girault was assigned to command in November, but on account of a protest of the Captains, the assignment was annulled. December 1, at Vicksburg, the battalion elected W.K. Easterling Lieutenant-Colonel, Balfour having been absent since August, and W. H. Clark Major. Clark had served under Col.Jefferson Davis in Mexico, enlisted in this battalion as a private, and was later Colonel of the Forty-sixth Regiment, until killed at Allatoona. On the same day, the order was received designating the command as the Forty-Sixth Regiment.
Lieutenant- Colonels -- John W. Balfour, transferred; W. K. Easterling. Majors -- John W. Jones, to December, 1862; W. H. Clark. Adjutants -- J. M. Sublett, G. W. Tiller, Thomas E. Williams. Surgeon -- P. J. McCormick. Chaplain -- W. W. Keep.
No roster has been found, although this battalion had 6 companies and a reported 818 men.

  • Company A -- Gaines Invincibles (raised in Wayne County, MS)
  • Company B -- Covington Rebels (raised in Covington County, MS)
  • Company C -- Yazoo Pickets (raised in Yazoo County, MS)
  • Company D -- Rankin Farmers (raised in Rankin County, MS)
  • Company E -- Jeff Davis Rebels (raised in Warren & Yazoo Counties, MS)
  • Company F -- Lauderdale Rifles (raised in Lauderdale County, MS)
  • Company G -- Singleton Guards (raised in Smith County, MS)
  • Company H -- Raleigh Farmers, aka Raleigh Rangers (raised in Smith County, MS)
  • Company I -- Southern Rights (raised in Newton County, MS)
  • Company K -- Kemper Guards, aka Mississippi Rangers (raised in Kemper County, MS)
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