Mississippi 1st Infantry Battalion Minute Men ~ Harper's

Historical Notes:
Major Harper was commissioned September 5, 1862. The battalion is included in the returns of Gen. John Adams, commanding Fourth District, in January, 1863. April same, headquarters Jackson.

In his report of the battle of Raymond, May 12, 1863, General Bragg said that when he reached Raymond there was no cavalry in his front to observe the enemy but "a small State company, under Captain Hall, who were scouting in the direction of Port Gibson....Early next morning I was informed by couriers from Captain Hall that the enemy was advancing rapidly by the road from Utica. Owing to the smallness of the mounted force -- Captain Hall having but 40 men, and these mostly youths from the neighborhood -- I was unable to ascertain anything concerning the strength of the enemy."
Major Harper Battles:
Battle of Raymond Rosters:
No rosters for this unit have been found.

Company A -- Pettus Rebels (raised in Scott County, MS)
Company B -- Capt. Howard's Company (raised in Leake County, MS)
Company C -- Leake Reserve (raised in Leake County, MS)
Company D -- Scott County Rebels (raised in Scott County, MS)
Company E -- Simpson Minute Men (raised in Simpson County, MS)
Company F -- Capt. Larkin's Company (raised in Simpson County, MS)
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