Mississippi 2nd Infantry Battalion

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 2nd Infantry Battalion was formed in October, 1861 in Virginia of Mississippi troops already assembled there. In January, 1863 additional companies were added and the unit's designation was changed to the Mississippi 48th Infantry Regiment. Officers:
Lt.Colonel John G. Taylor
Lt.Colonel Thomas B. Manlove
Lt.Colonel William S. Wilson
Major L.C. Lee
Assigned to General Garland's and Featherston's Brigade
As the Mississippi 48th Infantry Regiment
Featherston's, Posey's, and Harris' Brigade
Seven Pines
Cold Harbor
Manassas Plains
Harper's Ferry
The Petersburg Siege
Weldon Railroad
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1294 men.

Company A - King Cotton Guards (raised in Warren County, MS)
Company B - Rocky Point Rifles, aka Rocky Point Rifle Company (raised in Attala County, MS)
Company C - Dixie Boys (raised in Yalobusha County, MS)
Company D - Oktibbeha Reserve [or "Oktibbeha Rescue" -- records not clear], aka Capt. Joel P. Rogers’ Company (raised in Oktibbeha County, MS) [also known as Co. K]
Company E - Jackson Boys (raised in Hinds County, MS) [attached to the 26th Virginia Infantry]
Company F - Blewett’s Company, aka Blewett’s Rifles, & aka "The Blewett’s" (raised in Lowndes County, MS)
Company G – Capt. Manlove’s Company
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