The Civil War in Mississippi

Mississippi Eighth Infantry Regiment

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    The Mississippi 8th Infantry Regiment was organized at Enterprize, Mississippi, during the spring of 1861. Many of its members were from Jones, Wilkinson, and Clarke counties. The unit served in Florida and Mississippi, then was assigned to General J.K. Jackson's, Gist's, and Lowry's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. It participated in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta , was with Hood in Tennessee, and saw action in North Carolina. This regiment lost forty-seven percent of the 282 at Murfreesboro and twenty-three percent of the 375 at Chickamauga . In December, 1863, it totalled 287 men and 169 arms. Its casualties at the Battle of Atlanta were 13 killed, 71 wounded, and 3 missing, and few surrendered on April 26, 1865.


    Colonels G.C. Chandler, Guilford G. Flynt, and John C. Wilkinson; Lieutenant Colonels James T. Gates, Aden McNeill, and John F. Smith; and Majors Andrew E. Moody, George F. Peek, and William Watkins.


    Murfreesboro (Dec 31, 1862-Jan 3, 1863)
    Tullahoma Campaign (June 1863)
    Chickamauga (Sep 19-20, 1863)
    Chattanooga Siege (Sep-Nov 1863)
    Chattanooga (Nov 23-25, 1863)
    Atlanta Campaign (May-Sep 1864)
    Peach Tree Creek (July 20, 1864)
    Atlanta (July 22, 1864)
    Franklin (Nov 30, 1864)
    Nashville (Dec 15-16, 1864)
    Carolinas Campaign (Feb-Apr 1865)
    Bentonville (Mar 19-21, 1865)


    The composite roster of this battalion contains 2186 names.

    Company A: "Yankee Terrors": Raleigh (Smith Co.)
    Company B: "Pinckney Guards": Pinckneyville (Newton Co.)
    Company C: "True Confederates": Raleigh (Smith Co.)
    Company D: "Moody True Blues": Enterprise (Clark Co.)
    Company E: "Tallahoma Hard Shells": Holder's Church (Jasper Co.)
    Company F: "Clark County Rangers": Shubuta (Clark Co.)
    Company G: "Tolson Guard": Buckley's Store (Jasper Co.)
    Company H: "Southern Sentinels": Marion (Lauderdale Co.)
    Company I: "Confederate Guards": Rushing's Store (Lauderdale Co.)
    Company K: "Ellisville Invincibles": Ellisville (Jones Co.)



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