Mississippi 10th Cavalry Regiment

Historical Notes:
The Mississippi 10th Cavalry Regiment [also known as the 12th Regiment] was organized in January, 1865 by consolidating the 12th Mississippi Battalion Partisan Rangers and Company C of the 56th Alabama Cavalry Regiment. The unit served in Ferguson's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then was assigned to W. Adams' command in the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. It confronted the Federals in South Carolina and Alabama, and ended the war in Mississippi. Officers:
Lieutenant Colonel William M. Pound and Major William M. Inge Assignments:
Samuel W. Ferguson's and W. Adams' Brigade Battles:
The Atlanta Campaign
The March to the Sea
The Carolinas Campaign
Aiken - Feb. 11, 1865
The roster of this unit contains the names of 1772 men.

Company A -- Mull’s Company (raised in Pontotoc County, MS)
Company B -- Warren’s Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
Company C -- Cox’s Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
Company D -- Beacham’s Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
Company E -- Walker’s Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
Company F -- Chickasaw Mounted Guards (raised in Chickasaw County, MS); also, the Dixie Cavalier’s (raised in Georgia); and, Peek’s Company (raised in Jasper County, MS)
Company G -- Pound’s Company (raised in Itawamba & Monroe Counties, MS)
Company H -- Baxter’s Company, aka McCullough’s Avengers, afterward the Beauregard Scouts (raised in Tippah County, MS)
Company I -- Stephens’ Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
Company K -- Lyle’s Company (raised in Itawamba County, MS)
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