The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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said Judge Murphey, "in the House of Commons when Davie addressed the house for a loan of money for the university, and although thirty years have elapsed, I have a most vivid recollection of the greatness of his manner, and the power of his eloquence. In the House of Commons he had no rival. His eloquence was irresistable."

        He was a member of the board of trustees, and as a grand master of the masons, he laid the corner-stone of the university; to the day of his death he was its steady friend and benefactor. In 1798, he was appointed a brigadier-general in the army of the United States, and prepared "a system of cavalry tactics," which was printed and used in the service. In August of this year, he was elected to the legislature, and, in December following, elected governor of the state.

        The next year, June, 1799, he was appointed with Oliver Eilsworth, then chief justice of the supreme court, and Mr. Murray, (vice Patrick Henry, declined,) embassadors to France, and in November of that year they sailed in the frigate "United States," on this mission.

        He remained abroad two years. He was appointed by Mr. Jefferson, in June, 1801, to negotiate with the Tuscarora Indians as to the treaty between them and the state of North Carolina. By this treaty the Indians extended their leases until 1816, at which time their title ended, and their lands reverted to the state.

        He was a candidate for congress in 1803, and was defeated by Honorable Willis Alston.

        He removed in 1805 to Landsford, South Carolina, where he died in 1820, leaving three sons and three daughters.

        In the old grave yard at Halifax there are many graves of the distinguished dead of North Carolina.

        Among them we copy the following four:

        "Sarah Davie, daughter of General Allen Jones, born September 23, 1762, married William R. Davie, April 11, 1782, died 1802, leaving three sons, Allen Jones, Hyder A., and Frederick William, and among others these three daughters: Mary, Sarah and Rebecca."

        "Thomas Amis. died November 25, 1797. Erected by his friend, Richard Bennenhan, of Orange."

        "John Sitgreaves, judge, &c, died March 4th, 1802."

        "John Boylan of New Jersey, died October 7, 1799, erected by his affectionate brother, William Boylan."

        Hutchins G. Burton, who married Sally, daughter of Willie Jones and Mary Montford, and the granddaughter of Robin Jones, was a native of Granville County. He studied law, and settled at Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, which county he represented in 1810, and by this legislature was elected attorney-general of the state. He then moved to Halifax, and in 1817 was elected to the legislature from that county.

        In 1819, he represented this district in the Sixteenth Congress, and was re-elected in 1821 to the Seventeenth Congress. In 1824, he was elected governor, and in 1826, he was nominated, by John Q. Adams, as governor of Arkansas; but this appointment was not confirmed by the senate.

        He was of social and genial manners, and wherever he went was universally popular.

        He died in Iredell County in 1836, and lies buried in the Unity church yard, near Beattie's ford.

        Andrew Joyner, who married the widow of Governor Burton, was born, reared, and died in Halifax County. His son, "an old school gentleman," was much esteemed, and of great popularity.

        He represented this county in the senate, from 1835 to 1852.

        John W. Eppes, who married Martha, daughter of Willie Jones and Mary Montford, was a native of Virginia. She was his second wife, his first was a daughter of Thomas Jefferson. He was a representative in congress from 1803 to 1811; and again from 1813 to 1815, and a senator from 1817 to 1819, when he resigned on account of ill health; he died near Richmond, September, 1823, age fifty.

        Pride Jones, son of Caldwallader Jones, resides
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