The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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8, 1871, (where his horse was killed under him, and where his brother was killed) at the reduction of Matthas Fort, and battle of Quinby. He held the rank of lieutenant colonel at the close of the war. He served in 1779, as volunteer aid to Governor Caswell in battle of Camden, August 16, 1780. Colonel Polk died at Raleigh, January 14, 1834.

        General Lucius J. Polk, son of William J. Polk, and his wife, Mary Long, was a gallant officer in the late civil war. He was born at Salisbury, on July 10th, 1833. He entered the army as a private in General Cleburne's command, and was soon made a first lieutenant, and as such was in the battle of Shiloh, where he received a wound in the face. He was promoted to be a brigadier-general under Cleburne, and joined his brigade in time for the fight at Murfreesboro, where his command made a brilliant charge on the enemy.

        He wascomplimentedin General Bragg's report of this battle. He was engaged in many other battles, at Ringgold Gap, and Kennesaw Mountain, where he was badly wounded by a cannon ball, which effectually disabled him from future service in the field.

        He married his cousin, Sally Polk, and resides in Maury County, Tennessee.

        We have now finished the sketches of this extensive and distinguished family who for generations have proved our assertion at the commencement of this sketch, as being "the most active and useful men in those early times of the country."

        Genealogy of the Jones family.

        Allen, son of Robin Jones, born 1739, died 1807, married first, Mary Haynes, second, Rebecca Edwards, and third, Eaton; educated at Eton, England, lived at Mt. Gallant, near Gaston, Northampton County, North Carolina; member of provincial congress 1774, 1775, and 1776; brigadier-general in revolution, 1776; continental congress, 1779 and 1786; convention 1788. Issue as follows:

        I. Robin, died in youth. (See Uni. Mag.)

        II. Martha, married first, James Green, second, Judge John Sitgreaves; third, Ezekiel Hall, born 1762, died 1803.

        III. Sarah, married William R. Davie, born 1756, died 1820. (See his sketch.)

        IV. Rebecca Edwards Jones, born 1770, only daughter by his second wife, married Lunsford Long, son of Nicholas Long, who was commissary general of the North Carolina forces in the revolution; in state senate, 1784, 1785 and 1787; in the provincial congress of North Carolina, 1774,-75; married first, Mary McKinny, 1794; second, Mary Copeland, 1799.

        Issue to the above as follows:

        IV. (a) Rebecca Edwards Long, born 1795, married Colonel Cadwallader Jones, son of Major Cadwallader Jones, aid to Lafayette, a grandson of Peter Jones for whom Petersburg is named, and Mary Pride, of Virginia; resided in Hillsboro, in the United States navy, and in the army as major, (1812,) died 1861, (b) Mary Lunsford Long, married Dr. W. J. Polk.

        II. (a) Allen Jones Green, married Lucy Pride Jones, sister of Colonel C. Jones.

        III. (a) Allen Jones Davie, perished en route to California; (b) Hyder Ali, married Betsy Jones; (c) Sarah, married William F. DeSaussure, of South Carolina; (d) Mary Haynes; (e) Rebecca, married Churchill Jones; (f) Frederick William married first, Octavia DeSaussure, and second, Mary Frazier.

        Issue to the above as follows:

        II. (a) had issue following: Mary, married Walter Izard; fifth, Allen, married Sallie Scott; sixth, Halcott married Virginia Taylor; seventh, Lucy; eighth, John Sitgreaves Greene of Columbia, South Carolina; ninth, Fred. Lafayette married Virginia Colelough.

        IV. (a) had issue following: First, Allen C., lives at Greensboro, Ala., Colonel in civil war, married Catherine Erwin; second Cadwallader, married Annie Isabella Iredell, daughter of
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