The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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Governor James Iredell, to these last were born (a) Frances Iredell, married to George Erwin of Alabama; (b) Iredell married (first,) Ellen, daughter of Governor Adams; (second) Laura McMahon; (c) Cadwallader married Emma, daughter of Dr. Charles E. Johnson; (d) Allen, married Augusta Porcher; (e) Johnston, attorney general of North Carolina, married Elizabeth Watters Miller; (f) Annie Isabella; married Dr. Thomas C. Robertson, of South Carolina; (g) Willie; (h) Halcot Pride; (i) Helen, married J. Stricker Coles.

        IV. (a) also had issue, third, Dr. Pride Jones, married first, Mary E. A. Cameron, daughter of Judge John Cameron; and second, Martha Cain; fourth, Mary Rebecca, married to P. B. Ruffin; fifth, Robin, married Sarah Polk, killed in battle of Brandy Station; sixth, Sarah Rebecca, married to Josiah Collins, jr.

        IV. (b) had issue following: First, Griselda, married to Judge Russell Houston, Louisville, Kentucky; second, Allen Jones, born 1824, married first, Clendinin; second, Anna L. Fitzhugh, Helena, Arks; third, Thomas G., married Lavinia Wood, in 1825; fourth, Mary Jones, born 1831, at Salisbury, married to Joseph Branch, brother of General L. O'B. Branch, General Lucius J., born 1833, at Salisbury; fifth enlisted as private, became General [C.S.A.,] married Sally Polk and lives in Maury County, Tennessee; sixth, Cadwallader of Helena Ark, married Carrie Lowry; seventh, Rufus, born in Tennessee, 1839, married Cynthia Martin.

        Willie, son of Robin Jones, married Mary Montfort, educated at Eton, England; president of council of safety, 1776; in legislature, 1776 to 1779; continental congress, 1780; convention at Hillsboro, 1788; died at Raleigh in 1801, had issue as follows:

        I. Sally, married (first,) Governor H. G. Burton; (second,) Colonel Andrew Joyner.

        II. Martha, married to John W. Eppes, (whose first wife was a daughter of Thomas Jefferson,) to the last named were born, (a) Mary, married to Philip Bolling; (b) Sarah, married to E. W. Hubbard, in congress from Virginia, from 1841 to 1847; (c) Willie, married (first,) Cox, (second,) Joyner; (d) John, died unmarried.

        To Willie Jones and Mary Moutfort were also born: (a) Anne Maria, married to Joseph B. Littlejohn; (b) Willie, died single; (c) Robert A., died single; legislature 1820.

        Martha, daughter of Robin Jones, married Judge Thomas Gilchrist; issue, Griselda Gilchrist, who married Colonel William Polk, of Raleigh, to whom were born, (a) General Thomas G. Polk, married Mary Eloise Trotter; (b) Dr. William J. Polk, who married Mary, daughter of Lundsford Long and Rebecca Edwards. To General Thomas G. Polk were born, (a) Jane, married to Dr. Bouchelle; (b) Mary, who was the first wife of Honorable George Davis, of Wilmington; (c) William; (d) Richard; (e) Emily; (f) Thos. G.

        Colonel William Polk married a second time, Sarah Hawkins, issue (c) Lucius J. Polk; (d) Bishop Leonidas Polk; (e) Mary, wife of Honorable George E. Badger; (f) Rufus K. Polk; (h) Alex. Hamilton; (i) George W. Polk; (j) Susan, wife of Honorable Kenneth Rayner; (k) Andrew J.

        Elizabeth Eaton, only daughter of Robin Jones by his second wife, married Governor Benjamin Williams, of Moore County, Governor of North Carolina in 1799 and 1807; issue:

        I. Allen William, educated at Eton.


        It has been truly observed that truth is stranger than fiction.

        After the death of Cromwell, and the accession of Charles II., fearing prosecution from the crown, John and Edward, two of the brothers of the Protector, in the same year, left England for America. They settled first in Woodbridge, New Jersey. On their voyage, more effectually to avoid the storm
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