The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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often a member of the Legislature, and the father of Judge David F. Caldwell, Hon Joseph P. Caldwell, and Dr. Elam Caldwell of Lincolnton.

        Dr. Charles Caldwell, an extensive and popular writer, professor in Transylvania University, and one of the Founders of the Medical School at Louisville, was a native of this section. He resided for a time, in his early age, near Mount Mourne, in Iredell County. He was a man of gigantic proportions and capable of great labor, physical and mental. He wrote valuable papers on Malaria, Quarantines, Physical Education and Phrenology. In the last he was an enthusiastic a follower of Combe, Spurziem and others, and lectured extensively on the subject in different sections of the country. His tribute to Fisher Ames, in Rees' Encyclopedia, is unrivaled. He wrote a paper on Leibig's "Theory of Animal Heat," which utterly refuted the learned German's theory.

        In 1819, while filling the Chair of Natural History in the University of Pennsylvania, he published "Life of General Nathaniel Greene," which was mercilessly criticized in the North American Review, (January, 1825.) He died at his residence in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, in July, 1853. He was probably at the time of his death the oldest practicing physician in the United States, being 90 years of age.*

        * N. C. Uni. Mag. II., 297.

        David Franklin Caldwell, born 1790, was a native of this county, educated at the University and studied Law with Archibald Henderson at Salisbury. He was a Member of the House of Commons from this county in 1816, '17, '18 and '19, and represented Rowan County in the Senate in 1829, '30 and '31, of which he was chosen Speaker. In 1844 he was elected Judge of the Superior Court, the duties of which office he discharged with dignity and satisfaction.

        He died after a short illness, respected and esteemed by all who knew him. He was twice married, first to Miss Alexander, and secondly, Mrs. Troy.

        His brother, Hon. Jos. Pearson Caldwell, born in 1808, died 1853, was also a native of this county, where he lived and died. He was educated at Bethany Academy, and studied Law with Judge Caldwell. He was elected Senator in the Legislature in 1833, '34, and in 1838, '40 and '42 he was a Member of the House of Commons.

        He was elected a member of the 31st Congress, (1849, '51,) and re-elected to the 32nd Congress, (1851 and '53.) He was a useful and worthy member, universally esteemed for his abilities and genial temper. He died suddenly, June 30, 1853.

        Robert Franklin Armfield was born July 9th, 1829, near Greensboro, and educated at Trinity College, North Carolina. He read law with John A. Gilmer, and has been in the continuous practice of his profession.

        He was a member of the State Convention of 1861, which passed the Ordinance of Secession, but resigned and went into the army as a subaltern in the 38th North Carolina ReShepherdstowngiiment, of which he afterwards became Lieutenant-Colonel. He was wounded at the Battle of Shepherdstown, (1862). Whilst at home on furlough, wounded, he was elected Solicitor for the State in the Sixth Judicial District, in which capacity he served until removed by Governor Holden, in 1865. He has avoided political office, declining several nominations to the Legislature. he was elected however to the Legislature in 1874, as Senator from the counties of Iredell, Alexander and Wilkes, and here was chosen President of the Senate, and ex-officio Lieutenant-Governor of the State. He married Miss Mary A. Denny of Guilford, and is blessed with a large family.

        David Moffit Furches, Judge of the Superior Court, resides in this county. He is a native of Davie County, born April 2nd, 1832. Educated
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