The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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1775. Issue were Polly, married to Geo. Corrith, and Jennie married to Wm. E. McRee. He was one of the party of thirteen, who, on October 3, 1780, at McIntire's Creek, seven miles north of Charlotte, successfully ambuscaded and stampeded a British foraging party of four hundred and fifty infantry and sixty cavalry, with about forty wagons. Their names are worthy of individual mention and are as follows: James Thompson, Captain; Francis Bradley, George Graham, James Henry, Thomas Dickson, John Dickson, George Houston, Hugh Houston, Thomas McLure, John Long, John Robinson, George Shipley and Edward Shipley.

        III. Joseph (see sketch) married Isabella Davidson. Issue: (a) John Davidson; (b) Sophia; (c) James; (d) Polly; (e) George Franklin; (f) Violet Winslow Wilson; (g) Mary; (h) Robert Montrose; (i) Joseph; (k) Alfred, (l) Isabella, married to William Alexander.

        (a) John D. married, first, Elizabeth Conner, second, Jane Johnston. Of the first marriage, were Mary Anne, married to James H. Orr, of Charlotte; Isabella; Chas. C. married Mary E. Mebane, of Greensboro--moved to Memphis; Malvina S. married John A. Young; Joseph Montrose married Mary Washington, of New Berne--moved to Camden, Arkansas; Henry W., Martha C. married P. K. Rounsaville; Eliza D. married John S. Sloan, of Greensboro, North Carolina, later of Brenham, Texas; James F.; Hamilton A. married Louise Mason, of Lampasas, Texas, and Julia A.

        Of the second marriage (a) Robert Clay; (b) Sophia married Dr. John Witherspoon, of Alabama--issue John; Robert Sidney, M. D., married Mrs. Mary Bratton neeTorrence; Thomas married Kate Hatch; Alfred married Tariffa Cocke; Graham; Eliza married Judge Henry Goldthwaite, Alabama; Mary married Charles Dickey, of Brown Brothers, New York City; Louisa married W. H. Anderson, of Mobile; (c) James, born in 1793, University in 1814, Legislature in 1822-24-28-29, United States Congress 1833-45-47-49, died in 1851. (c) Geo. Franklin, University, and M. D., settled in Memphis, married Martha Conner--issue; Anne Eliza married William Johnston, of Charlotte, North Carolina; (f) Violet married Dr. Moses Widslow Alexander--issue, James G.; Junius Montrose, Hamilton L.; Wistar Winslow, Sydenham Benoni married Emma P. Nicholson, Captain of Infantry C. S. A., Legislature 1879, 1883; Dovey married Rev. Mr. Cunningham; Isabella Louisa married Dr. William J. Hayes; Emily; Eliza Rosinda; Mary Sophia; Julia Susan married Thomas McGehee Smith; and Alice Leonora.

        (g) Mary married Rev. Robert Hall Morrison (see sketch); (i) Joseph moved to Tennessee, married Kimbrough--issue, George C., married (1) Alabama Record, (2) Mrs. Perkins, (3) Miss Daniels; Albert married Marshall; Joseph married Mrs. Alston; Lydia; and Sophia married Rutland.

        (m) William A. married Susan, daughter of John Washington, of New Berne--issue, Joseph, married Elizabeth Hill, (University and M. D., Captain and Chief of Division Light Artillery, and Surgeon C. S. A.); John Washington married Mrs. Rebecca Anderson, nee Cameron, Lieut. and A. D. C., Captain and Major of Infantry, C. S. A.; in State Convention from Orange in 1868, Legislature in 1871-1876; an attorney.

        William A. Jr. married Julia Lane, University and Princeton, Captain of Cavalry, C. S. A., Major and A. A. G. of North Carolina; Legislature from Lincoln County in 1874-79.

        James Augustus married Elizabeth Webb, University, from private to Captain of Infantry, C. S. A.; A. A. & I. G., Cooke's Brigade, Legislature from Alamance County in 1871-72, an attorney.

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