The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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        Wm. Edward Hayne of South Carolina, who had Colonel Isaac Hayne, of Charleston, Attorney General, Commissioner from South Carolina to Washington City, 1861; a daughter, married Judge Butler of South Carolina; a daughter married Martin; and a daughter who married Taylor.

        (2) Ephraim.

        (3) Franklin married Margaret Conner.

        (4) Robert married Harriet Davidson, and to them were born Ephraim Jr. and Alexander F.

        (5) Harriet married Major Daniel M. Forney, (see Genealogy of Forney family). To these were born Eloise married to General Jones Withers of Mobile, Alabama; Mariah married Judge -- Moore of Alabama; Alexander B.; Harriet; Mason; Susan, wife of Dr. B. C. Jones of Alabama; and Emma, wife of Col. M. Smith of Alabama.

        (6) Theodore married Carolina Mays, and to them were born, Theodore Jr., Brigadier General, Confederate States Army, a lawyer at Tallehassee, married Mary, daughter of Governor Call of Florida, and had Caroline and Robert; Ephraim, a surgeon, Confederate States Army; Robert, M. D. married Mary Stoney.

        (7) Joseph married -- Hopkins of South Carolina, no issue.

        (8) Mary married Professor Brumby of South Carolina College, and had Alexander Brevard, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Dr. Gaston, Haywood Glover, Ephraim, Mrs. -- married McConnell.

        (i) Nancy married Judge Davidson, and both were killed by Indians at the head of the Catawba river.

        (k) Joseph married Rebecca, (daughter of Captain Ely Kershaw, 2d South Carolina Regulars in war of 1776, captured at Charleston, and died, a prisoner at Bermuda in 1781), a Lieutenant of the Continental line, at the age of seventeen, and served until the close of the war of 1776; settled in Camden, South Carolina, Attorney, Judge, and author of Digest of Statute Laws of South Carolina. He had issue: Mrs. Kershaw, to whom were born, J. B. Kershaw, a Major General, Confederate States Army; Attorney, and Judge Superior Court in South Carolina, (now of Camden, South Carolina).

        Joseph had also the following children:

        (1) Dr. Alfred Brevard, who married the daughter of Duncan McRea, and died in 1836,--issue, Edward; Alfred (C. S. A.), and Harriet McRea, of Camden. Alfred left one daughter, Harriet, also resident of Camden.

        (2) Sarah Taylor married Benjamin T. Elmore, brother of United States Senator,--issue, Aurora (wife of Colonel Jones, Treasurer of the University of the South, Suwanee, Tennessee); Sarah F., wife of Charles S. Richardson, son of Governor John P. Richardson of South Carolina; and Edward Brevard Elmore of Alabama; (3) Eugene; (4) Edward; and (5) Joseph).

        (l) Jane married Ephraim, a brother of Major John, and son of Robert Davidson of Chestnut Level, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Though only a boy, was courier to General William Davidson, in the Cowan's Ford campaign.

        (m) Rebecca married -- Jones, and moved to Tennessee.

        John Brevard was too far advanced in years, when the Revolutionary War commenced, to be in active service, yet he possessed, and instilled in his children, that great love of liberty and the rights of the people which possessed his soul. So public and notorious was his attachment to the cause of Independence and his opposition to tyranny, that when the British Army came to his house, and they found no one there except his wife, an old lady,--his house and every out-house was burned to the ground. No other reason was given for such outrage, than that "she had eight sons in the Rebel Army."

        We regret that we have not been enabled to obtain more extended information as to the head of this family. The best efforts we have made have been to secure information and more
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