The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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W. P. Bynum, Judge of Supreme Court; (3) Susan, married S. L. Johnson.

        VI. Lavinia, married first John Fulenwider.

        VII. Nancy, married Dr. Wm. Johnson, from whom sprung: (1) Ann, married Dr. Calloway; (2) Martha, married Huntly; (3) James Franklin; (4) Robert; (5) William; (6) Joseph, married Hooker; (7) Susan; (8) Mary; (9) Bartlett S., of Baltimore.

        VIII. Caroline, married Ransom H. Hunley.

        IX. Sophia, married Dr. C. L. Hunter, whose daughter married John H. Sharp, of Norfolk, Va.

        X. James M., married Sarah Fulenwider.

        A son, Moses, the third child, died unmarried, in Alabama; whilst the fifth child, Joseph, died in youth. They should have been included in the aforegoing.--ED.

        Daniel M. Forney (born 1771, died 1847) was a native of Lincoln county, the first son and the second child of General Peter Forney, whose sketch we have just given. His education was such as the country schools afforded, but clear and excellent judgment, and his genial manners, early marked him for public usefulness. He was in the prime of manhood when the War of 1812 commenced, and he was appointed Major in the United States Army. He served in that capacity until the war closed, with gallantry and credit. He was elected a member of (the 14th) Congress 1815-'17, and re-elected to the 15th, but resigned and was succeeded by Hon. William Davidson, of Charlotte. From 1823 to '26 he was elected to the Senate of the State Legislature. He removed in 1834 to Alabama, where he spent his remaining days at his adopted home in Lowndes county. He died in October, 1847.

        Major Forney married Harriet, daughter of Captain Alexander Brevard, by whom he had several children.

        Abram Forney (born 1758, died 1849) was the youngest son of Jacob Forney, sen., and a native of Lincoln county. He entered the Revolutionary army early, and was engaged in the battles of Ramsour's Mill, King's Mountain and elsewhere. He lived to a good old age and delighted to talk of the spirit-stirring events of the war. He was the father of Captain Earheart Forney, now of Lincoln.

        Michael Hoke (born 1810, died 1844) was a native of this county, the son of Colonel John Hoke. He was educated at Captain Partridge's Military Academy, Middletown, Connecticut, and read law with Robert H. Benton. He was blessed with an agreeable person, brilliant oratorical ability, and attractive manners. This won him "troops of friends." In 1834 he was elected a member of the House of Commons, which position he held until 1842, when he declined a re-election. In 1844 he was nominated as the Democratic candidate for Governor, in opposition to Hon. William A. Graham, but, after a campaign conducted with great ability, he was defeated. It was a contest long to be remembered in North Carolina. The dignified and majestic presence of Graham was formidably rivalled by the matchless manner and ready humor of Hoke. It was a war of giants. The exposure to the malaria of the low country, and his continued and earnest efforts, cost Colonel Hoke his life. For within a month after the election, to the great grief of sorrowing friends, he died at Charlotte on September 9th, 1844, after a short illness, certainly brought on by the exposure and fatigues of the campaign. He married Francis, daughter of Robert H. Burton, and left several children, among them, General Robert Frederick Hoke, born 27th of May, 1837, who was educated at the Kentucky Military Institute. He entered the army in the late Civil War as a Lieutenant, and was engaged in the first battle of the war, which occurred at Bethel, and he was also in the last contest. He won by his firmness, ability and gallantry, the rank of Major General, and was several times severely wounded. To record all the "hair-breadth scapes," and the services of General Hoke would be to well nigh write the history of the Army of North Virginia.

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