The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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        III. John married Sally Brevard (daughter of Adam Brevard, the attorney and one of "the seven rebels"), died in 1870 in the ninety-first year of his age--issue, (a) Matthew, (b) Adam Brevard, (c) Robert, (d) William Speight McLean, (e) Augustus, (f) Eugene Constantine, (g) Isabella married J. W. Moore, (h) Violet, (i) Mary.

        Of these children, the following were issue: (a) Matthew married Mary J. Sylvester--issue, Robert H. M. Davidson, Member of Congress, 1882-83, from Florida, and had eight children, to wit: (1) Joseph (M. D.) married, first, -- Blake; second, Laura Springs; (2) Edward; (3) William, (4) Egbert, (5) Julia married Stockton, (6) Sally married -- Milligan, (7) Mary married -- Drisdale, (8) Alice married -- Stark.

        (b) Adam Brevard married, first, Mary Springs;*

        * The Springs Family.--The father of Hon. John Springs, came from Germany and settled on an island in the Delaware Bay, a few miles below Philadelphia. He removed to South Carolina, and married Jane Baxter, daughter of the distinguished Judge of that name. By purchase from the Catawbas, he became a large land-owner, to which his son, John Springs, added largely by purchase from the same tribe of Indians. The son, in this way, became a man of prominence in the State of South Carolina, whilst his high character, enlightened and liberal spirit, added to attractive manners, commanded universal esteem. An elder in the Presbyterian church, he was a liberal contributor to all institutions of learning; never emulous of political preferment, he nevertheless, at the solicitation of neighbors, frequently served in the Legislature.

        On January 9, 1806, he was married to his first cousin,--issue as follows: (a) Richard Austin Springs, born January 19, 1807, died 1874; (b) LeRoy Springs, born November 24, 1811, died 1863; (c) Mary Laura, born November 3, 1813, died October, 1872, wife of Hon. Adam Brevard Davidson; (d) Andrew Baxter Springs, born October 21, 1819; (e) Sophia Convert, born December 30, 1821, wife of Hon. W. R. Myers, a distinguished politician and banker in North Carolina.

second, Cornelia, daughter of Hon. Franklin H. Elmore, United States Senator from South Carolina. Of the first marriage, issue is as follows: (1) John Springs married Minnie Caldwell, (2) William, (3) Robert, (4) Richard Austin, (5) Adam Brevard, jr., (6) LeRoy, (7) Baxter; daughters, (8) Laura married Rev. A. Sinclair, (9) Sally, (10) Jenny married Dr. J. M. Miller, (11) Isabella married C. G. Montgomery, (12) Amanda married A. J. Beall, (13) Julia married Rev. T. J. Strohecker, (14) Blandina, (15) Fanny, (16) ----.

        (c) William Speight McLean, M. D., married first, Jane Torrence--issue, James T.; second, Rebecca Reid, no issue; third, Mary Johnston.

        (e) Augustus, died while a cadet at West Point, monument erected by his classmates.

        (f) Eugene Constantine, Lieutenant United States Army, in Mexican War, married Jane Henderson--issue, (1) Egbert, (2) Sinclair, (3) John, (4) Mary, (5) Sarah.

        (g) Isabella married J. W. Moore--issue, (1) Robert, killed in C. S. A., (2) John married Sally Erwin, (3) Harvey B. married Lucile Hall, (4) Sally married Rev. Pharr, (5) Augusta, (6) Catherine married R. A. Bost, (7) Laura married Dr. F. H. Glover.

        (h) Violet married Joseph H. Sylvester of Florida.

        (i)Mary married George Doby of South Carolina.

        IV. Polly married William McLean, M. D., an Assistant Surgeon in the Revolutionary Army, at the battle of Stono and King's Mountain. He was the orator of the day on the occasion of the semi-centennial of the battle of King's Mountain. Mrs. Polly McLean survived until 185-, the ninety-sixth year of her age.

        Issue: (a) Richard Dobbs Spaight married Jane Adams. To them were born: Joseph A. of Yorkville, South Carolina, married, first, Crenshaw; second, Clara Dargon.

        (b) Eliza married William Campbell--issue, (1) George married, first, Sarah Sandifer; second Ellen Guthrie, (2) Eliza married William Pitts, (3) William.

        (c-d) John and Augustus Alexander (twins) John married, first, Jane, daughter of Ephraim Davidson; second, Martha Bigger; to John (c) and Jane were born, John married Annie Erwin; Augustus; Wm. Spaight; Martha Jane married Dr. R. S. Adams; and Robert Alexander.

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