The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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        (d) Augustus Alexander married Catherine Schenck--issue, Mary married Dr. John McLean (son of Thomas); Violet married to Dr. George Hoke.

        (e) William Baine married, first, Amanda Hill; second, Mrs. Stringfellow nee Hope; third, Mrs. John D. Graham nee Johnston; by first marriage he had William Lee; Mary married Rev. Parks, M. D.; Jane; and Harvey; by the second marriage he had Robert, M. D., and Amanda married Henry Pitts of Alabama; Violet married, first, Samuel Lindsay, and had one daughter who married Rufus Adams; and second, to John Hart.

        (g) Rebecca married Dr. -- Wilson--no issue.

        (h) Thomas Brevard married Harriet Pegram and had John, M. D., who married, first, Mary, daughter of Augustus A. McLean; second Elmira Salmon, and had Alice, Lizzie, Annie and Charles.

        (i) Mary married Randolph Erwin, M. D.--issue, Sarah; Violet; Margaret; and Randolph.

        (k) Robert Graham married, first, Emma McNeal--no issue; second, Catherine Sandifer--issue, Lucius Spaight; James Graham married Sabina Holland; Sally; Charles; William Thomas; Robert Brevard; and John Augustus.

        V. Elizabeth married Wm. Lee Davidson, son of General Wm. Davidson, who was killed at Battle of Cowan's Ford, February 1, 1781.

        VI. Isabella married General Joseph Graham. (See page 231.)

        VII. Violet married Wm. Baine Alexander and had Moses Winslow Alexander, who married Violet Graham. (See Graham genealogy.)

        VIII. Sally married Rev. Alexander Caldwell, son of Rev. David Caldwell, of Guilford--issue, (a) John, father of Mary Caldwell, who married Joseph Davidson, M. D., (b) David Alexander married Mrs. Martha Caldwell nee Bishop--issue, (1)Sally married Dr. Edward White, Surgeon C. S. A., and (2) Edward. M. D., (3) Patsy married Davidson of Alabama.

        IX. Rebecca married Alexander Brevard, one of "the eight rebel sons" of John Brevard, for whose zeal Cornwallis's troops burned his house on the march from Cowan's Ford--issue, (a) Robert who had (1) Ephraim, (2) Alexander; (b) Theodore married Caroline Mays of Florida--issue, (1) Theodore, Jr., married a daughter of Gov. Call, of Florida, Brigadier General C. S. A.; (2) Ephraim, M. D., a Surgeon C.S.A., and (3) Robert, M. D., married Mary Stoney.

        X. Peggy married James Harris--issue, Violet who married Hayes.

        William Graham was another signer of this Declaration. He was Irish by birth, but no way connected with the distinguished family of the same name mentioned in Lincoln county sketches. In the spring of 1776, he raised a regiment in Lincoln county, then Tryon, and marched to Fort McFadden, in that portion now, Rutherford county, against the*

        * "Schoffold or Schophot, a Tory Colonel of militia, a man of some influence, but a stupid, ignorant blockhead."

        Moultrie's Revolution in North and South Carolina.

Schoffoldite Tories, and again he marched to Charleston. His command was at the battle of King's Mountain under Colonel Dixon. He died within the bounds of the Hopewell Congregation, a wealthy member of that church (see letter of Wm. S. Harris). Another authority, Dr. C. L. Hunter, states he died in Rutherford county, very wealthy, and at a good old age. One of his sons lived in Augusta, Georgia, where he was a merchant of great wealth.

        Henry Downs was from the Providence settlement, and John Ford from the Clear Creek county.

        John Flenniken was also a member of this body. He was, by birth, an Irishman, and came first to Pennsylvania and finally settled in North Carolina on the Catawba river, below Beattie's Ford, where some of the name still reside.

        Robert and James Harris were both born at Harrisburg, Pa.

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