The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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years, never were wholly lost. "The family Bible, covered with check cloth, as his mother's was, lay on the stand at the Hermitage, where he ended his days; and he died at last the death of a Christian, in the communion of the church of his mother, a member in full of the Presbyterian Church."*

        * The author acknowledges his obligations to a genealogical memoir of the Craighead family (1658-1876) printed for the descendants in Philadelphia, 1876, by Thomas & Co. --an exceedingly interesting compilation containing one hundred and seventy-three pages, which shows in the concise and beautiful language of the distinguished author, Rev. Dr. James Geddes Craighead, who, for fourteen years edited the "New York Evangelist," the great influence and ability of this distinguished family, now so widely scattered over the whole United States.

Howe's Churches of South Carolina, 539.

        Samuel Craighead Caldwell, son of Rev. Dr. David Caldwell, died, June 3, 1825; and Rachel, (second daughter of Rev. Alexander Craighead, who was married 1766); married, first, Abigail Baine Alexander--issue, (a) David Thomas and (b) Jane. (a) David Thomas married Harriet Davidson, and to them were born: Samuel Craighead, William Davidson, Thomas, Sarah Jane, Robert Baxter, Minnie and Alice; married second, Adeline Hutchinson, and had one child, Addie. (b) Jane married Rev. Dr. Walter Smiley Pharr, who first married Miss Springs; (2) Samuel Craighead Caldwell married Elizabeth Lindsay and had (a) Robert Lindsay, graduate of University of Georgia, and of Union Theological Seminary of Virginia, pastor at Statesville, North Carolina, married Martha Bishop, and died aged twenty-seven, leaving one son, John Rice; (b) Abigail B., married to Robert D. Alexander and had issue, Agnes, Brevard, Davidson, Lottie, and Samuel Craighead Caldwell. The last, born February 24, 1830, graduate of Davidson College, 1848, Columbia Theological Seminary, 1853; pastor of Thyatira and Black Creek churches, married Mary Holmes Brown, May 21, 1857, and had Samuel, Bettie Brown, Robert Owen, Mary Abigail; lived at Wadesboro, North Carolina; (c) Samuel Craighead born 1810, merchant at Grenada, Mississippi, lost on the "Pathfinder," on the Mississippi River, unmarried; (d) John McKnitt Madison, born 1812, graduate of University of Georgia and of Union Theological Seminary of Virginia, licensed 1835, ordained 1836, pastor of Sugar Creek church 1837; at Rome, Georgia, in 1845; proprietor of Rome Female College in 1860. He married Caroline E. Livy and had eight sons: Thomas Parsons born November, 1851, died April, 1852, Edwin Harper, born 1853, died 1872; Samuel Craighead, born 1846, graduated (1868) at Princeton; Professor of Natural Science, Rome, Georgia; married Kate Pearson (1870) and had two sons; Alfred Shorter born 1848, married Lizzie Hutchinson, 1874, and had one daughter; John Livy, born 1850, graduate of Princeton, 1870, and at Princeton Seminary 1874; pastor at Pleasant Hill, Mo.; Franklin Hawkins, born 1857, a merchant in Rome, Ga.; and two who died in infancy;

        (3) Andrew Harper, born 1814, graduate of Centre College, Ohio, and of Union Theological Seminary of Virginia, married Sarah Ann Williamson, and had issue as follows: John, Samuel Craighead, Sarah Elizabeth, Willie Dobie, Walter Lindsay, and Anna; (f) Seled, born 1816, a Baptist preacher, lived in Texas, has three children; (g) Septemus, born 1818, an eminent lawyer of Grenada, Mississippi, killed by accident; (h) Cyrus Kingsbury, born 1821, graduate (1841) at Davidson College and Union Theological Semi nary, Virginia, 1846, ordained 1847, married Fannie A. McKinley, 1850, and had issue as follows: Ida Lindsay, Anna Hope, Fannie Maria, Bessie Morrison; was pastor of Buffalo and Bethel churches at Pittsboro and Denmark, Tennessee, where he died, March 1876; (i) Walter Pharr, born 1822, a lawyer at Greensboro, North Carolina, married Nannie Weatherly, and had issue, Earnest, Maggie, Mamie, Carrie, Nannie, Daisy, Abby Wood.

        The editor of these reminiscences in acknowledging the invaluable aid contributed by Captain Robert D. Graham, a member of the Bar of
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