The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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many other battles General Polk did good service. In high position which exempted him from military duty, with ample fortune and every comfort of life, he left all, to serve the cause he deemed just, and laid down his life in its defense. He was killed on the 14th day of June, 1864.

        He married Frances Devereux, of Raleigh, by whom he had eight children:

  • I. Hamilton married Miss Buck.
  • II. Catherine married W. Gale.
  • III. Frances married P. Skipwith.
  • IV. Sally married Blake of South Carolina.
  • V. Susan married Dr. Joseph Jones.
  • VI. Lilly married Wm. Huger.
  • VII. William married Miss Lyon.
  • VIII. Lucia married Ed. Chapman.

        William Polk, son of John, who was the son of Robert, had among others the following children, Ezekiel, Thomas, and Margaret who way married to McRee. From these have sprung all the Polks in our State.

        Ezekiel, son of William Polk and Priscilla Roberts, married, first, Miss Wilson; second, Miss Leonard, had eleven children, as follows:

        I. William married Elizabeth Dodd--issue, (1) Clarissa, married to Taylor, had (a) Isaac, (b) Caroline, (c) Clarissa, (d) Thomas, and (e) Laura; (2) Olivia married to D. D. Berry--issue, (a) Elizabeth, (b) Clarissa, (c) Mary E., (d) John T., (e) David D., (f) William, (g) Olivia, (h) Louisa and (i) Laura; (3) Thomas; (4) Joseph; (5) Caroline married to John Wirt and had (a) Catherine, (b) Caroline; (6) Jackson--issue, (a) Ann, (b) Oscar, (c) Virginia, (d) William; (7) Mary married to Howard--issue, (a) Sarah, (b) William; (8) Laura married, first, to Manly; second, to Taylor--issue, (a) Clarissa Manly, (b) Elizabeth, (c) William.

        II. Louisa married, first, to Niely; second, to D. C. Collier--issue, (1) Rufus P. married Miss Lea, had (a) Harriet, (b) Kate, (c) Charles, (d) Mary, (e) James, (f) Prudence, (g) Louisa, (h) William; (2) Thomas Collier--issue, William; (3) Fanny; (4) Jackson Niely; (5) Adela Bell; (6) Mary Atwood--issue, (a) Adda, (b) Josephine.

        III. Mary married to Hardeman--issue, (1) Monroe, (2) Mary Fentress--issue, Thomas; (3) Leonidas, (4) Owen married S. M. Berry; (5) William.

        IV. Charles P.--issue, (1) Charles E., (2) Eugenia, (3) Perry, (4) Ann C., (5) James K.

        V. Benigna married Wood--issue, (1) Benigna, who had Mary and Benigna.

        VI. Eugenia married Nelson--issue, (1) Sarah, (2) Ada, (3) Sophia, (4) Charles, (5) William (6) Hugh.

        VII. Clarissa married to Thomas McNeal--issue (a) Jane married to Brown, had (1) Mary, (2) Clara, (3) Cordelia, (4) Lycurgus, (5) Albert, (6) James; (b) Clara married to Fulton, (c) Mary married to Mark R. Roberts--issue, (1) Jane Jewett, (2) Prudence McRay, (3) Evelina, (4) Mary, (5) Ann, (6) Samuel, (7) Mark, (8) Albert, (9) Eliza, (10) Napoleon, (11) Thaddeus, (12) Mary Baker, (13) Thomas F; Evelina L. married Peters--issue, (1) Arthur, (2) Clara, (3) George W (4) Thomas; (e) Prudence married John H. Bells had (1) Leonidas, (2) Wilson, (3) Evelina, (4) Clara, (5) Mary Wood--issue, Fanny.

        Among the notable celebrities of Mecklenburg county, was Susan Smart nee Barnett, remarkable for her great age, and her accurate and vivid recollections of the events of the Revolution.

        Her father was John Barnett, who emigrated from Ireland, and who married Ann, the daughter of Thomas Spratt, one of the earliest settlers of this county. Thomas Spratt was the first who crossed the Yadkin River with a wagon; and the first court ever held in Mecklenburg county, was convened at his house.

        Her brother, William Barnett was but a youth in the Snow Campaign of 1776, and did good service. Her grandfather on the mother's side, Thomas Spratt, had two sons, Thomas and William, and six daughters. Thomas served in the Revolutionary War under Davie. Jane, one of these daughters married Colonel Thomas Neil.
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