The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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He married Margaret, daughter of Nathaniel Moore, and the grand-daughter of James Moore, Governor of the two Carolinas by the daughter of Sir John Yeamans. His eldest son, John, was a Lieutenant at the battle of the Eutaw Springs, and his son William the subject of this sketch, was distinguished in public life. He studied law and was an eminent advocate. William had a fine voice, and was fluent, eloquent, and impressive. He was appointed by General Washington, United States District Attorney for North Carolina; was in the Senate of the State in 1794 and represented his district in Congress (6th and 7th) 1799 to 1803. It was his fortune to have served in Congress in troubled times. Party feeling ran high and bitter. The election of President (in 1801) for the first time devolved on the House. William Hill voted with Dickson, Grove and Henderson for Burr, against Alston, Macon, Stanford, Stone, and Spaight for Jefferson.

        He was a decided Federalist. He married Elizabeth, daughter of General John Ashe. From this union sprung:

        1. William Henry Hill.

        2. Marry, who married Dr. James F. McRee, and had Griffith J. McRee and others.

        3. Julia, who married Dr. Ezekiel Hall, and had Judge Samuel Hall, of Georgia, and others.

        4. Joseph Alston Hill, who died young, but not until he had developed talents of peculiar brilliancy. He was a member of the bar. In the Legislature 1826-27-30; born 1800--died 1830.

        5. Anna, one of the daughters of W. A. Hill, married Mr. Charles Wright, a son of Judge Joshua Granger Wright,*

        * See Uni. Mag., May 1853. II., 187.

born 1768; in Legislature from 1792 to 1800; Speaker of House 1800; elected Judge 1809; married Susan Bradly; died 1811, leaving eight children.

        It is to be regretted that more has not been recorded of Judge Wright, but the data given of his public services will enable some more capable pen to preserve the memory of the services and talents of this distinguished man.

        His oldest son, Charles, was a genius in fun and quite an amateur in the Drama. He graduated at the University in 1817, and studied law. He possessed great vivacity, quick apprehension, fluent and eloquent. He was the President of the Wilmington Branch Bank of the State, and was esteemed, useful and intelligent, of a genial temper and great hilarity. He bid fair to become an able advocate and useful citizen, but his untimely death in 1821, at the early age of 31, destroyed such hopes. His son, William Henry Wright, of United States Army, whose early education was conducted by Rev. Adam Empie (whose wife was Anne, the daughter of Judge Wright) and by whom he was prepared for William and Mary College, where he graduated with honor. He studied law with his uncle, Joseph A. Hill. He soon abandoned this study and was appointed a Cadet, at the United States Military Academy; here he was diligent and studious, and after graduating was selected by Colonel Thayer as his assistant in the construction of Fort Warren.

        In 1844, Lieutenant Wright published a "Treatise on Mortars."

        In November, 1845 he obtained a furlough to visit Wilmington, where he was taken ill, and died at the residence of his uncle Dr. J. F. McRee, on December 28, aged 31.

        He married Eliza, daughter of J. R. London, Esq., by whom he had two children.

        William A. Wright, (born 1807--died May, 1878) third son of Judge Joshua G. Wright, was educated at the University, and graduated in 1825 at the early age of 18. He studied law, to the faithful and laborious practice of which, he devoted the energies of his life. Mr. Wright was the early and devoted advocate of Internal Improvements. He was one of the original corporators of the Wilmington and Raleigh, now the Wilmington and Weldon Rail Road--elected a Director in 1836, and continued so until his death. He married Ann Eliza, daughter of
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