The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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forces by Gov. Dinwiddie, of Virginia, and retained this position until the arrival of Gov. Braddock in 1755. He died shortly afterwards at Winchester, Virginia.

        We further discover that after the death of Colonel Innes, his widow, Jean, married Francis Corbyn, Lord Granville's agent, who lived below Edenton, and who was seized in 1759, by the people, taken to Enfield, compelled to give bond to produce his books, and disgorge his illegal fees.

        Further research of some patient investigator of history may discern more of the life and services of Colonel Innes, which, as he was one of the early settlers of the Cape Fear, would be of great interest.


        Four brothers, Jehu, John, William, and Roger Davis emigrated from South Carolina, to the Cape Fear about 1723.

        I. Jehu Davis, married Miss Assup, an Irish lady and had issue--four children: (1) Jehu; (2) Thomas; (3) Ann, and another daughter.

        (1) Jehu Davis (son of Jehu the elder) married Elizabeth Eagles and had issue two daughters: (a) Jane, and (b) Elizabeth.

        (a) Jane married John Pugh Williams and had issue: (1) Rebecca, who married Alfred Moore (son of Judge Alfred Moore) and had issue: Susan, who married Hugh Waddell, and Elizabeth who married Francis N. Waddell.

        (2) Elizabeth E. who married John Haywood (Treasurer of North Carolina) and had issue: Fabius J., Elizabeth Rebecca, Francis, and E. Burke.

        (3) Mrs. Hall, who had issue, Mildred who married Alfred Waddell.

        (b) Elizabeth married Maurice Jones, and had issue: (1) Margaret, who married Richard Eagles, and had issue: Richard W. Eagles; Nancy, who married Jacob Brewster; and Margaret, who married John Brewster; (2) Sarah Jones, who married Dr. Nath. Hill, (his second wife) and had issue: Nath. M. Hill.

        (2) Thomas Davis (son of Jehu the elder) married Mary Moore, daughter of George Moore (who was the son of "Old King Roger Moore," the "chief gentleman in all Cape Fear," and grandson of the first Governor James Moore of South Carolina) and had issue: (1) Jehu, (2) George, (3) Rebecca, (4) Sophia, (5) Jane, (6) Ann, and (7) Thomas F. Davis.

        (1) Jehu married Jane Quince and had issue: Thomas I. Davis (who married Mary Elizabeth Watters, and had William W. and Fred S. Davis, Mary Quince, Annie W. Miller, Rebecca, Jane, Sallie, Kate, and Julia Davis) and Mary Davis who married John Poisson and had issue: Jehu D. and Louis J. Poisson.

        (2) George, married Mildred Watters, no issue.

        (3) Rebecca married James Moore (son of General James Moore) and had issue: Junius A. who married Eliza Clitheral, and Sophia married Samuel Strudwick.

        (4) Sophia married Thomas Ashe (son of Governor Samuel Ashe) and had issue: Thomas Ashe, Richard Ashe, and Pascal Paoli Ashe (father of Hon. Thomas S. Ashe, Justice Supreme Court of North Carolina; Cincinnatus, Edmunds and others).

        (5) Jane married Dr. Nath. Hill (his first wife) and had issue (1) Mary, who married John A. Lillington, and had John A., Margaret H., Mary and Sarah Jane; (2) Jane, who married Parker Quince; (3) Sarah, who married Lewis Toomer; (4) Margaret married, first, Evan Jones; second, Dr. Jas. Henderson.

        (6) Ann Davis married Richard Quince and had issue: Nancy, died unmarried.

        (7) Thomas F. Davis married, first, Sarah Isabella Eagles, and had issue: (a) Thomas F. Davis (Bishop of South Carolina), (b) Junius Davis, (c) Eliza, (d) George and (e) Joseph; married, second, Anna Cutlar and had issue: Horatio Davis.

        (a) Thomas F. Davis (Bishop of South Carolina) married, first, Elizabeth Fleming and had
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