The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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        The war being over, General Sumner resigned, and married a wealthy widow (Mrs. Heiss) of New Berne, by whom he had three children; one of these, Mary Sumner, married Hon. Thomas Blount. (See page 158.)

        General Sumner lies buried in Warren County, near the road between Louisburg and Warrenton, near the old Shocco Chapel. The stone that marks his grave bears this inscription: "To the memory of Gen. Jethro Sumner, one of the heroes of 1776."

        The Hawkins family is one of the most extensive as well as one of the most respectable in the State. They have pervaded not only our own State, but many other portions of the south and southwest, and wherever they have gone they have left indelible traces of genius, enterprise, integrity and patriotism.

        The family is of English origin; emigrated to this country about the reign of Queen Anne, 1705, and settled in Gloucester County, in Virginia, where the founder of this family, Philemon Hawkins, was born, on September 28, 1717. He removed from Gloucester County, Va., at the age of twenty, to Warren (then Bute) County, in this State.

        Philemon Hawkins was enterprising and energetic. Born to but little fortune, reared to hard labor, with little or no education, without patronage or powerful friends, he boldly resolved to make for himself a name and place, in a new country, inhabited then only by Indians and semi-savage whites. His industry, energy and capacity caused the country around him to grow, and he grew with it. He prospered beyond even his own hopes or the expectations of his friends. His reputation and position is shown by the fact that he was an officer in the Colonial Government, and was aid to Governor Tryon in the battle of Alamance. From his own position in society, and the liberal means at his command, he exerted much influence. He was given to hospitality and kindness; no private house in the whole borders of the State was better known and none where more enlarged and unstinted hospitality dispensed than at the house of Col. Philemon Hawkins, sr. He enjoyed the regard and respect of the community. He lived in the enjoyment of a well-spent life, and died in 1801, in the eighty-third year of his age. He married Delia Martin, by whom he had six children, four sons and two daughters, as shown by this genealogical table:

        Philemon Hawkins, the founder of the family, was the son of Philemon Hawkins, of Virginia, born in Gloucester County, Va., in 1717; married Delia Martin and had issue: I. Delia, married to L. Bullock, no issue; II. Colonel John, married a sister of Hon. Nathaniel Macon, and had (1) Col. Joseph, whose daughter married to Williams, (2) Gen. Micajah, (3) Gen. John H., (4) Philemon, (5) a daughter, married to Baker, (6) another married to Williams, (7) and another married to Alston.

        III. Philemon, son of Philemon, jr., of Pleasant Hill, born 1752, married Lucy Davis, died 1833, had twelve children: (1) William, Governor, married Ann Boyd, and had eight children: (a) Lucy, married (1st) Coleman, (2d) Conner; (b) Emily, married to Nutall, (c) Matilda, (d) William J., (e) Celestia, married to Amis, (f) Mary, (g) Henrietta; (2) John D., married Jane Boyd, and had eleven children: (a) Ann, married to Young, (b) Lucy, married to Cane, (c) Mary, married to Jones, (d) Virginia, married to Anderson, (e) James, (f) Frank, (g) Dr. William J., (h) John D., (i) Philemon, (k) Alexander, (l) Jane; (3) Joseph W., married Mary Boyd, and had eight children: (a) Alexander, (b) Peter, (c) Philemon H., (d) George, (e) William D., (f) Ann Leister, (g) Lucy Henderson, (h) Rufus; (4) Benjamin F., married Sally Persons, and had Thomas, Henry and Benjamin; (5) Philemon, (6) George, (7) Frank, died unmarried, (8) Eleanor, married to Sherwood Haywood, and had nine children: (a) Nancy, married to William A. Blont, (b) Sally, (c) Rufus, (d) Lucy, married to Bryan, (e) Delia, married (1st) to Williams, (2d) to George E. Badger, (f) Frank, (g) Robert E., (h) Maria, (i) Richard; (9) Ann, married William P. Little, and had seven children: (a) Lucy, married to Terry, (b) Mary, married to Mosely, (c) Thomas P., died unmarried, lived in Hertford County, (d) George, (e) Minerva, married to Graham, (f) William, (g) Susan, married to Dr. Charles Skinner; (10) Delia, married to Stephen Haywood, and had five children: (a) Margaret, (b) Dallas, (c) Lucinda, (d) Sally, (e) Philemon; (11) Sarah, was the second wife of Col. William Polk, of Raleigh, had issue: (a) Lucius, (b) Leonidas, (c) Mary, first wife of George E. Badger, (d) Rufus, (e) George W., (f) Susan, married to Kenneth Rayner, (g) Andrew; (12) Lucy Davis Ruffin, first wife of Louis D. Henry, no issue.

        To Philemon Hawkins and Delia Martin were also born (IV.) Benjamin, born 1754, died 1816; in Congress, 1782; Indian agent, 1785; U. S. Senator, 1789; he had one son, Madison, and three daughters. (V.) Joseph, died unmarried.
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