The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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to be the largest single vineyard in the South, if not this side of the Rocky Mountains. While opposed to prohibitory legislation on principle, he is neverthelss a friend of temperance, and believing that that cause can be best subserved by the work in which he is engaged, he is a vine grower through convictions of its moralizing influence as well as those of self interest.

        He received the nomination for Congress from this, the third, district, at the hands of the Warsaw convention on the 96th ballot and on the third after his name had been presented. He made an active and effective campaign, and will we believe make an active and efficient member of the House of Representatives, (48th Congress.) He was renominated and elected to the 49th Congress.

        The Joneses of Warren are well known. Mr. Macon's mother was a Jones.

        Edward Jones was the progenitor of a numerous offspring.

        Robert II. Jones was distinguished as a lawyer and statesman. He was a member of the Legislature in 1816-17-18, and 1823-26-27. He was appointed U. S. District Attorney by Mr. Jefferson, and Attorney-General of the State, 1828. His brother, Edward, was the father of Joseph Sewall Jones, the author of "The Defense of North Carolina;" another, Hill, was a Methodist preacher. His brother, on the paternal side, William J. Jones, was a man of excellent sense and of much popularity. He represented the County in 1827-28, and was the first sheriff elected by the people.



        Watauga County, in its capital or County town, preserves the name of Daniel Boone, (born August 22, 1734, died, 1820.) He was a native of Berks County, Pa. His father came to North Carolina while Daniel was a small boy, and settled in the Forks of the Yadkin. Here the scenes of his youth and of his early manhood were passed.

        In 1769 Boone, accompanied by bold and adventurous spirits, left home for the dark and bloody ground of Kentucky, and from that date to 1771 was with them exploring the rich and lovely regions, although constantly exposed to the attacks of the Indians. In 1774 he conducted a party to the falls of the Ohio, and built a fort where Boonsboro' now stands; here he repulsed at various times the attacks of the savages. In December, 1775, a furious assault was made by which Boone lost one man and another wounded; but the Indians were repulsed with great slaughter, and appeared to be reconciled. This caused the whites to be less guarded. On July 14, 1776, as three young ladies (two of them daughters of Colonel Calloway and one of them a daughter of Colonel Boone) were strolling in the woods, they were captured by the Indians. At the time Boone was off hunting, but when he returned, without any aid or waiting to collect a force, he followed the trail of the Indians, and came in sight of them, and by his unerring rifle killed two, recovered the girls and returned to the fort in safety. One of these married Samuel Henderson, the brother of Judge Henderson and Pleasant Henderson. This romantic incident obtained more notoriety by its mention in "The Last of the Mohicans," by James Fennimore Cooper.

        In 1778, while engaged in making salt at the Licking River, he was captured and taken to Detroit. He was adopted into an Indian family, and hearing an attack was to be made on the fort at Boonsboro', he made his escape, and reached the fort, 160 miles distant, in four days, during which he had but one meal. He found the fort in a bad condition and put everybody to work to repair it. The Indians, finding Boone had escaped, postponed the attack.

        On August 8 a large force appeared before Boonsboro' and demanded its surrender. The assailants were four hundred and forty-four Indians and eleven Frenchmen, commanded by Captain Duquesne. Boone requested a parley of three days, at the end of which he informed the French commander he would defend the fort to the last extremity. A treaty was agreed upon. After signing it he was informed that it
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