The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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but had no children by the second marriage.

        VI. Willie Blount (born 1768: died 1835); went to Tennessee in 1790 as private Secretary to his eldest brother Gov. William Blount; was elected Judge of the Supreme Court in 1796; Governor from 1809 to 1815. He raised on his private credit the money with which to equip the three Tennessee regiments sent under Andrew Jackson to the defense of New Orleans during the war of 1812. In recognition of his eminent public services, the State of Tennessee in 1877 erected a monument to his memory in Clarksville, Tennessee. He married Lucinda Baker, and left two daughters, Mrs. Dabney and Mrs. Dortch, of Tennessee. For his second wife he married the widow of Judge Hugh Lawson White.

        VII. Sharp Blount (born 1771; died 1810,) married Penelope Little, daughter of Col. George Little of Hertford, and left three sons: (a) William Little Blount, (b) Jacob Blount, (c) George Little Blount. The first two died without issue. George Little Blount married a Miss Cannon of Pitt, and resided at Blount Hall in Pitt County, the seat of his grandfather Jacob Blount.

        It has been impossible to give more than a summary of the genealogy of this extensive family. It is hoped that the above is sufficient to enable any one to trace the connections of its principal branches.

        It may be added that William and Willie Blount were both, in all probability, born at Blount Hall in Pitt County, and not in Bertie, as is sometimes stated, and as is inscribed on the monument erected by the State of Tennessee to the memory of the latter. There is no reason to suppose that their father, Jacob Blount, ever lived in Bertie. Also the story of the absurd inscription on the stone on Mrs. Mary Sumner Blount's grave in Tawboro, is entirely untrue.

Genealogy of the Barringer Family.

        John Paul Barringer, born in Germany 1721, came to America 1743; settled in Pennsylvania, where he married (1) Ann Elizabeth Iseman called Ain lis; came to Mecklenburg Co. N. C. about 1746, and there married (2) Catherine Blackwelder. He died in 1807.

        Issue: I. Catherine married 1st to John Phifer, one of the signers of (20th of May 1775) Declaration of Independence: Issue (a) Paul, who married Jane Alexander and had George, Martin, John N., Nelson and Caleb; (b) Margaret married to John Simianer; she (Catherine) married a second time to George Savage and had (a) Catherine, who married Noah Partee, and Mary, who married Richard Harris.

        II. John (Mt. Pleasant family.)

        III. Paul, born 1778, died 1844; married Eliz abeth Brandon, born 1783, died 1844; issue: (a) Daniel Moreau, born 1806, died 1873; in legislature 1829 to '34; '39, '54; Member of Congress 1843 to 1849; U. S. Envoy to Spain, 1849; in Peace Congress of 1861; married Elizabeth Withered, of Baltimore, and had (1) Lewin, born 1850; University of Virginia; married Miss Miles; (2) Daniel M., born 1860; (b) Margaret, married 1st to John Boyd; 2nd to Andrew Grier; (c) Paul, married Carson; (d) Mary, married C. W. Harris; (e) Matthew; (f) William, married Alston, and had John, Paul, William, Charles, Victor and Ella; (g) Elizabeth,
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