The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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married Edwin R. Harris; (h) Alfred; (i) Rufus, Brig. Gen. C. S. A., married 1st Eugenia Morrison, and had Anna and Paul; 2nd, Rosalie Chunn, and had Rufus; 3rd, Margaret Long, and had Osmond; (k) Catherine, married Gen. W. C. Means. Issue: Paul, Robert, James, William, Bettie, George and Victor; (l) Victor, legislature of 1860; Judge of International Court in Egypt; married Maria Massie.

        IV. Matthias; V. Martin; VI. Elizabeth, married to 1st, George Pitts; 2nd, to John Boon, of Guilford; VII. Sarah, married to Jacob Brem, of Lincolnton; VIII. Esther, married to Thomas Clarke, of Tennessee; IX. Daniel L. Barringer, born 1788; died 1852; legislature 1813-'19-'23; in Congress 1826 to 1835; married Miss ---- White, granddaughter of Governor Caswell; removed to Tennessee, and was Speaker of the House; X. Jacob, married Mary Ury; XI. Leah, married 1st David Holton, 2nd Jacob Smith; XII. Mary, married to Wesley Harris, of Tennessee.

Genealogy of the Clark Family.

        Christopher Clark, a sea-captain, and merchant in Edenton, came from North of England about 1760. After some years removed to Bertie County, near the mouth of Salmon Creek.

        He married 1st, Elizabeth ----, by whom he had Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah.

        I. Elizabeth Clark married Judge Blake Baker, of Tarboro', and left no issue.

        II. Mary Clark married George West; born 1758, died 1810, and left issue: [a] Robert West, who married Ann Dortch, by whom he had Isaac D., Robert, George Clark. Martha, married W. B. Johnson; Mary, married Chas. Minor; Arabella, married Q. C. Atkinson; Ann; Laura, married Robert McClure; Elizabeth and Sarah.

        [b] Mary West, married Judge P. W. Humphrey, and left Judge West H. Humphrey, married Pillow; Elizabeth, married Baylis; Georgianna, married Powell; Charles and Robert.

        [c] George West married Ann Lytle, and left Robert, George, Ann, married Gillespie.

        III. Sarah Clark married William Clements, and left:

        [a] Sarah; [b] Arabella, married C. Baylis; [c] Mary, married R. Collier; [d] Dr. Christopher C.; [e] John H., and [f] Robert W.

        After the death of his first wife, Christopher Clark married about 1778 or 1779, Hannah Turner, of Bertie, daughter of Thomas Turner, and left:

        IV. James West Clark, born 1769, died 1845, who married Arabella E. Toole, born 1781, died 1860, daughter of Henry I. Toole, of Edgecombe, and left issue:

        [a] Henry Toole Clark, born 1808, died 1874, University of North Carolina, 1826; North Carolina Senate, 1859-'60; Governor, 1861; he married, 1850, Mrs. Mary Weeks Hargrove [nee Parker] daughter of Theophilus Parker, of Tarboro', and left the following children: Laura P., Haywood, Henry Irwin, Maria T. and Arabella T.

        [b] Maria Toole, born 1813, died 1859; married, 1852, Matt. Waddell; left no issue.

        [c] Laura Placidia, born 1816, died 1864; married, 1832, John W. Cotten, and left Margaret E., married J. A. Englehard; Arabella C., married Wm. D. Barnes; Florida, married Wm. L. Saunders, and John W., married Elizabeth Frick.

        [d] Mary Sumner, born 1817, married Dr. Wm. George Thomas, and have issue: George G., Arabella and Jordan T.

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