The Civil War in North Carolina

Reminiscences and Memoirs of North Carolina and Eminent North Carolinians

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Genealogy of the Haywood Family

        John Haywood, the founder of the family in North Carolina, was born in Christ Church Parish, near St. Michael's, in the Island of Barbadoes. He was the son of John Haywood, a younger brother of Sir Henry Haywood a Knight and magistrate in the old country and must have been a man of some note as Evelyn in his Memoirs speaks of having met him at court and was not favorably impressed with his arrogant manner. He settled in 1730 at the mouth of Conecanarie in Halifax, then a part of the great county of Edgecombe. He was Treasurer of the northern counties of the Province from 1752, until his death in 1758.

        He married Mary Lovett, by whom he had six children.

        I. Elizabeth married Jesse Hare, she died in 1774 and had issue: [a] Ann married Isaac Croom and his son Isaac married Sarah Pearson; [b] Mary married, first Richard Croom and second to----Hicks.

        II. Mary Haywood married to the Rev. Thomas Burgess, 1761, whose son Lovett, married first Elizabeth Irwin, second Priscilla Monnie, third Mrs. Black; to the last named were born [a] Mary married to Alston, 1824, [b] Elizabth married, 1812, to Alston, of Bedford county, Virginia; [c] Melissa married to Gen. William Williams, whose daughter, Melissa, married to Col. Joseph John Long and their daughter, Ellen married to Gen. Junius Daniel, who was killed at Chancellorsville;-- [d] John married Martha Alston and [e] Thomas, a distinguished lawyer in Halifax, who left no issue.

        III. Deborah married to John Hardy but had no issue.

        IV. Col. William Haywood, of Edgecombe, married Charity Hare; he died in 1779, and had ten children. [1] Jemima, married to John Whitfield of Lenoir, died 1837, with following issue; [a] William H. twice married and left seven children; [b] Constantine, left five children; [c] Sherwood, unmarried; [d] John Walter, left three children; [e] Jemima, left six children, married first to Middleton, second to Willams; [f] Mary Ruffin; [g] Kiziah Arabella, had three children; [h] Rachel Daniel. married John Jones and had five children; [i] George Washington, not married.

        [2] John Haywood, State Treasurer for forty years; married 1st Sarah Leigh, and 2nd Eliza, daughter of John Pugh Williams and had issue; by last marriage [a] John, unmarried; [b] Geo. Washington, unmarried; [c] Thomas Burgess, unmarried, [d] Dr. Fabius Julius, married Martha Whitaker by whom he had issue; Fabius J., John Pugh, Joseph and Mary, married to Judge Daniel G. Fowle; [e] Eliza Eagles, unmarried, [f] Rebecca married to Albert G. Hall, of New Hanover County; [g] Frances, unmarried; [h] Edmund Burke, who married Lucy Williams, and had issue; E. Burke, Alfred, Dr. Hubert, Ernest, Edgar, John and Eliza Eagles, married to Preston Bridgers. [3] Ann, born 1760, died 1842; married to Dr. Robert
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