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Genealogy of the Phifer Family.



[Phifer Family Crest]

        The name Pfeiffer is an old and honored one in Germany. Very many of the name have held high and honored positions in the management of the Civil and Military affairs of the Empire. A copy of the records of State, together with information sufficient to establish the identity of the American branch of the house has been elicited by a recent correspondence with branches of the family at Berne, Switzerland, and in Breslau, Germany.

        The two brothers, John and Martin Pfeiffer who came to America, were descendants from the family of "Pfeiffers of Pfeiffersburgh."

        The records show the family to be "Pfeiffer of Pfeiffersburgh, knights of the order of Hereditary Austrian Knighthood; with armorial bearings as follows: Shield, lengthwise divided; the right in silver, with a black, crowned Eagle looking to the right; the left in blue, from lower part of quarter ascending a white rock, with five summits, over the center one an eight-pointed star pendant. (Schild der Lange getheilt; rechts in Silber ein rechtsselhender, gekrönter, Schwarz Adler und links in Blau ein auc dem Feldesfusse aufsteigender, Weisser Fels mit fünf Spitzen uber desen mittlerer ein achtstahliger, goldener Stern Schwebt.) They were descended from Pfeiffer Von Heisselburgh. A diploma (patent,) of nobility was issued to Martin Caspar Pfeiffer and Mathias Pfeiffer in 1590, with armorial bearings of Knights of Heisselburg order of Nobility of the Empire. Johnn Baptist Pfeiffer Von Pfeiffersburg, Knight, with armorial bearings as above stated was descendant of Knights of Heisselburgh and hereditary heir of Pfeiffersburgh; Achenranian Mining and Smelting works; with exclusive privilege granted by the Crown, to trade in the "Brass of Achenrain and Copper of Schwatz. A diploma was issued to him May 10th, 1721. He received an increase of arms on the 4th of March 1785, (right field and second helmet.) The pedigree flourished, and a great-grandson of Johnn Baptist Pfeiffer, Knight of Pfeiffersburg; Leopold Maria, Knight of Pfeiffersburgh, born 1785, possessor of Hannsburg, county Hallein, was matriculated into the nobility of the Kingdom of Bavaria after the investment of the same."

        "Caspar Pfeiffer Von Pfeiffersburg, Knight, second brother to Johnn Baptist Pfeiffer, Knight of Pfeiffersburg, possessor of Trecherwitz, County Oels, Germany, lived in the year 1713 on his estates. In 1725 he permanently located in Berne, Switzerland, and had control
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