64th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (Allen's)

Historical Notes:
The North Carolina 64th Infantry Regiment, organized during the summer of 1862, was anticipated to be a legion containing thirteen companies, of infantry and three of cavalry. However, the command was reduced to ten companies and designated the 64th Regiment. Its members were from the counties of Madison, Henderson, and Polk. . Here most of the regiment was captured in September at Cumberland's Gap, but some did escape. The records show that 288 men of the 64th were prisoners at Camp Douglas. Continuing the fight with about 100 effectives, the unit served under Generals Breckinridge, Vaughn, and Williams in East Tennessee, then became part of Colonel J.B. Palmer's Brigade at Asheville in March, 1865. Later it disbanded near the French Broad River. Officers:
Colonel Lawrence M. Allen, Lieutenant Colonels William N. Garrett and J.A. Keith, and Major Thomas P. Jones. Assignments:
  • Oct 1862 Dec 1862 Gracie's Heth's Dept of East TN
  • Dec 1862 Jul 1863 Palmer's/Frazer's Dept of East TN
  • Jul 1863 Sep 1863 Frazer's Army East TN Dept of TN
  • Apr 1864 Dec 1864 Dist Western NC Dept of East TN
  • Dec 1864 Mar 1865 Palmer's Dist Western NC Dept of East TN
  • Battles:
  • Cumberland Gap
  • Portion not captured fought with the Army of Tennessee
  • Atlanta Campaign
  • Carolina’s Campaign
  • Rosters:
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 1994 men.

  • Co. A, Capt. Jaso A. Keith's - Madison County
  • Co. B, Capt. Thos. P. Jones' - Henderson County
  • Co. C, Capt. John Peek's Co. - Madison County
  • Co. D, Capt. Arthur A. Dewees' Co. - Madison County
  • Co. E, Capt. B.T. Morris' Co.
  • Co. F, Capt. Dan'l W. Anderson's Co. – Madison and Polk Counties
  • Co. G, Capt. Wm. M. Keith's Co. - Madison County
  • Co. I, Capt. John S. Love's Co. - Madison County
  • ---- Capt. A.P. Wigg's Co., subsequently, Co. G, (Carter's) Regt. Tenn Cav.
  • ---- Capt. Michael Staley's Co.
  • ---- Capt. John F. Fitzgerald's Co.
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