67th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

Historical Notes:
The 67th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in January, 1864, near Kinston, North Carolina. The unit contained one cavalry and nine infantry companies, and totalled about 625 officers and men. Its members were from Craven, Wilson, Jones, Duplin , Pitt, and Wayne counties. It skirmished around New Bern and Kinston , then disbanded near Stantonsburg on April 28, 1865. Officers:
  • John N. Whitford Colonel, commissioned January 18th, 1864; Craven County.
  • Rufus W. Wharton, Lieut.-Colonel, commissioned January 18th, 1864.
  • Edward Whitford, Major, commissioned January 18th, 1864; Craven County.
  • Samuel G. Schenck, Adjutant, commissioned June 18th, 1863; Beaufort County.
  • Thomas M. Robinson, A. Q. M., commissioned September 20th,1862; Beaufort County r. January 30th, 1865.
  • Wiley F. Higgens, A. C. S,, commissioned September Ist, 1864; Craven County.
  • Joseph Graham, Surgeon, commissioned January 18th, 1864; Orange County.
  • William H. Morrow, Assistant Surgeon, commissioned January 22nd, 1863; Orange County.
  • Henry Whitehurst, Ensign.
  • Assignments:
    Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
    Plymouth, NC (Oct. 1864)

    New Bern, NC

    Kinston, NC
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 711 men.

    Company A, from Craven, James H. Tolson, Captain
    Company B, from Craven, Stephen Barrington, Captain
    Company C, from Wilson, D. W. Edwards, Captain
    Company D, from Craven, Daniel A. Cogdell, Captain
    Company E, Charles A. White Captain
    Company F, from Craven, David PROMOTED Whitford, Captain
    Company G, Asa W. Jones, Captain
    Company H, from Duplin, Jones and Craven, Christopher D. Foy, Captain
    Company I, from Pitt, Edward F. White, Captain
    Company K (cavalry)
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