2nd Battalion, North Carolina Local Defense Troops

Historical Notes:
The law passed by the Confederate Congress on February 17, 1864, placed in the "Reserves" those men between the ages of 17 and 18 and between 45 and 50. The younger age group was called out in April and May, 1864, and by the end of June eight battalions of Junior Reserves were organized. As these battalions were organized into regiments they were given line-numbers. The First and Sixth Battalions, with two other companies added, were organized into the First Regiment of Reserves (Seventieth North Carolina Regiment).

The Second and Fifth Battalions, with two additional companies, were organized into the Second Regiment of Reserves (Seventy-First North Carolina Regiment). The Fourth, Seventh, and Eighth Battalions were organized into the Third Regiment of Reserves (Seventy-Second North Carolina Regiment).

  • Julius A. DeLagnel, Superintendent 1861 - Apr 1863
  • Frederick L. Childs, Superintendent Apr 1863 - Apr 1865
  • Philip Burkhart, Master Armorer Jan 1862 - Apr 1865
  • Hiram H. Herrington, Master Machinist 1861 - Mar 1863
  • Assignments:
  • Guard the Fayetteville Arsenal
  • Battles:
  • Fayetteville, NC
  • Averasboro, NC
  • Bentonville, NC
  • Rosters:
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 678 men.

  • Co. A was an Artillery organization (Ordnance Detachment)
  • Co. B, Capt. Matthew P. Taylor's Co.
  • Co. C.
  • Co. D.
  • Co. E.
  • Co. F was a Cavalry Co.
  • Co. G.
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