2nd Regiment, North Carolina Artillery

Historical Notes:
The North Carolina 2nd Artillery Regiment AKA The 36th Regiment Volunteers AKA The Cape Fear Regiment] completed its organization at Fort Caswell, North Carolina, in May, 1862. Its companies were from the counties of Sampson, Cumberland, New Hanover, Columbus, Halifax, Brunswick, and Bladen.

The 2nd Artillery was attached to the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia and was active at different posts defending Cape Fear. Later eight companies were engaged at Fort Fisher, one at Fort Campbell, and one at Wilmington.

In December, 1864, a detachment was involved in the defense of Savannah. After the capture of Fort Fisher, it served as infantry in the Battle of Bentonville and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.
· Lamb, William Lieutenant Colonels:
· Richardson, John A.
· Taylor, John D.
· Stevenson, James M.
Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
Defense of Cape Fear
Defense of Fort Fisher
Defense of Fort Campbell
Defense of Wilmington.
Defense of Savannah
Battle of Bentonville, NC
Cape Fear, NC
Fort Fisher, NC
Fort Campbell, NC
Wilmington, NC
Savannah, GA
Bentonville, NC
The roster of this unit contains the names of 3788 men.

Company A (1st) : Wilmington Horse Artillery
Company A (2nd) : King Artillery
Company B (1st) : Bladen Guards
Company B (2nd) : 13th Light Artillery Battalion
Company B (3rd) : Bladen Stars
Company C (1st) : Cape Fear Light Artillery
Company C (2nd)
Company D (1st) : Scotch Greys
Company D (2nd) : Anderson Artillery
Company E : Columbus Artillery
Company F : Pamilico Artillery
Company G (1st)
Company G (2nd) : Kennedy Artillery
Company G (3rd) : Lamb Artillery
Company H : Clarendon Guards
Company I (1st) : Herring Artillery
Company I (2nd) : Bladen Artillery
Company K : Brunswick Artillery
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