2nd Regiment, North Carolina Cavalry

Historical Notes:
The North Carolina 2nd Cavalry Regiment AKA 19th Regiment Volunteers was organized at Kittrell's Springs, North Carolina, in September, 1861. The men were from the counties of Gates, Iredell, Cherokee, Hertford, Cumberland, Nash, Wilson, Franklin, Guilford, Beaufort, Bertie, Moore, Northampton, and Orange. . It saw action in the conflicts at New Bern , Fredericksburg , Stuart's raid into Pennsylvania, Brandy Station , Upperville , Hanover , Gettysburg , Todd's Tavern , Hanover Court House , Haw's Tavern, Black's and White's , Wilson's Farm, Hampton's Cattle Raid, and Five Forks . This unit had 145 effectives at Gettysburg and the records show 7 at Appomattox . Officers:
Colonels Clinton M. Andrews, Matthew L. Davis, Jr., William P. Roberts, William G. Robinson, Samuel B. Spruill, and Solomon Williams, and Majors John V.B. Rogers and John W. Woodfin. Assignments:
General W.H.F. Lee's, L.S. Baker's, James B. Gordon's, and Barringer's Brigade Battles:
New Bern
Stuart's raid into Pennsylvania
Brandy Station
Todd's Tavern
Hanover Court House
Haw's Tavern
Black's and White's
Wilson's Farm
Hampton's Cattle Raid
Five Forks
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2103 men.

  • COMPANY A--Cherokee and Adjoining Counties--Captain George W. Hayes; First Lieutenant, John V. B. Rogers; Second Lieutenants, George V. Snider and W. P. Moore.
  • COMPANY B-Iredell County-Captain, C. M. Andrews; First Lieutenant, S. Jay Andrews; Second Lieutenants, Richard W. Allison and James N. Turner.
  • COMPANY C-Gates and Hertford Counties--Captain John G. Boo the; First Lieutenant, James M. Wynn; Second Lieutenants, Mills L. Fure and William P. Roberts.
  • COMPANY D--Cumberland County--Captain, James W.Strange; First Lieutenant, T. S. Lutterloh; Second Lieutenants, Joseph S. Baker and James F. Williams.
  • COMPANY E-Nash, Wilson and Franklin Counties-- Captain, Columbus A. Thomas; First Lieutenant, J. J. B. Vick; Second Lieutenants, Nick M. Harris and Robert W. Atkinson.
  • COMPANY F-Guilford County-Captain Barzillai F. Cole; First Lieutenant, R. W. King; Second Lieutenants, P. A. Tatum and ____ Nelson.
  • COMPANY G-Beaufort County-Captain, Louis F. Satterthwaite; First Lieutenant, William Satterthwaite; Second Lieutenants, Samuel S. Whitehurst and George P.Bryan.
  • COMPANY H-Bertie and Northampon Counties-Captain, John Randolph; First Lieutenant, H. B. Hardy; Second Lieutenants, W. H. Newsom and George Bishop.
  • COMPANY I-Moore County-Captain, Jesse L. Bryan; First Lieutenant, J. L. Arnold; Second Lieutenants, D. O. Bryan and J. S. Ritter.
  • COMPANY K-Orange County--Captain, Josiah Turner, Jr.; First Lieutenant, William A. Graham, Jr,; Second Lieutenants, John P. Lockhart and James V. Moore.
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