20th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

Historical Notes:
The North Carolina 20th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 10th Volunteers AKA the North Carolina 2nd Infantry Regiment Detailed Men was assembled at Smithfield and Fort Caswell, North Carolina, in July, 1861. Its members were drawn from the counties of Brunswick, Columbus, Cabarrus, Duplin, and Sampson. After serving in North Carolina, the unit moved to Virginia and was assigned to General Garland's, Iverson's, and R.D. Johnston's Brigade. It participated in the various campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles, 11 killed and 30 wounded in the Maryland Campaign, and 3 wounded at Fredericksburg . It reported 77 casualties at Chancellorsville , and of the 372 engaged at Gettysburg , more than sixty-five percent were disabled. The unit surrendered with 4 officers and 71 men of which only 9 were armed. Officers:
Colonels Alfred Iverson and Thomas F. Toon; Lieutenant Colonels John S. Brooks, Franklin J. Faison, Nelson Slough, and William H. Toon; and Major Duncan J. Devane. Assignments:
Garland’s, Iverson’s, and J. D. Johnston’s brigade Battles:
Seven Days Battles {June 25-July 1, 1862}
Beaver Dam Creek {June 26, 1862}
Gaines' Mill {June 27, 1862}
Malvern Hill {July 1, 1862}
South Mountain { September 14, 1862}
Sharpsburg {September 17, 1862}
Fredericksburg {December 13, 1862}

Chancellorsville {May 1-4, 1863}
Gettysburg {July 1-3, 1863}
Bristoe Campaign {October - November 1863}
Raccoon Ford and Stevensburg {October 11, 1863}
Kelly's Ford {November 7, 1863}
Mine Run Campaign {Nov-Dec 1863}


Wilderness {May 5-6, 1864}
Spotsylvania Court House {May 8-21, 1864}
North Anna {May 22-26, 1864}
Cold Harbor {June 1-3, 1864}
Lynchburg Campaign {June 1864}
Monocacy {July 9, 1864}
3rd Winchester {September 19, 1864}
Fisher's Hill {September 22, 1864}
Cedar Creek {October 19, 1864}
Petersburg Siege {From December 1864}
{June 1864 - April 1865}


Fort Stedman {March 25, 1865}
Sayler's Creek {April 6, 1865}
Farmville {April 7, 1865}
Appomattox Court House {April 9, 1865}
The roster of this unit contains the names of 2332 men.

  • Co. A, Capt. Nelson Slough's Co.
    The Cabarrus Guards
  • Co. B, Capt. Jas. B. Atwell's Co.
    Cabarrus Black Boys
  • Co. C, Capt. Burrel Smith's Co.
    Fair Bluff Vols.
  • Co. D, Capt. John B. Stanly's Co.
    Columbus Guards No. 4
  • Co. E, Capt. Claudius B. Denson's Co.
    Confederate Grays
  • Co. F, Capt. Owen L. Chesnutt's Co.
    Holmes Riflemen
  • Co. G, Capt. John S. Brooks' Co.
    Brunswick Guards
  • Co. H, Capt. Uz. W. Cox
    Independent Blues
  • Co. I, Sampson Greys
  • Co. K, Capt. Wm. H. Toon's Co.
    Columbus Guards No. 2
  • Capt. Franklin J. Faison s Co.
    The Sampson Rangers
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