1st Regiment, North Carolina Junior Reserves

Historical Notes:
The North Carolina 1st Regiment Junior Reserves was formed in July, 1864, at Weldon, North Carolina, by consolidating the 1st and 6th Junior Reserves Battalions which had just been organized. It contained men between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. Assigned to the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia, the unit skirmished in the Roanoke River and Kinston areas. Later it served in L.S. Baker's Brigade, saw action at Bentonville , and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

Armistead, Frank S. - Colonel
Broadfoot, Charles W. - Colonel
Clark, Walter M. - Major Culberson, J. J. - First Lieutenant
Douthil, James B. - First Lieutenant
Blanton, S. T. - Second Lieutenant
York, W. C. - Second Lieutenant
Gross, L. M. (M. L.?) - Second Lieutenant
Young, B. F. - Junior Second Lieutenant
Gray, T. R. - Third Lieutenant
Atkin, W. B. - Corporal
Canble (Campbell?), H. B. - Corporal
Cauble, H. M. - Corporal
Flack, A. E. - Corporal
Gardner, T. W. - Corporal
Green, T. Z. - Corporal
Haynes, C. H. (H. C.?) - Corporal
Hill, T. W. (W. T.?) - Corporal
Hill, W. R. - Corporal
Hopper, B. T. (T. B?) - Corporal
James, J. H. - Corporal
Yelton, L. J. - Corporal
Cathey, Thomas H. - Quartermaster Sergeant
  • Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia
  • L.S. Baker's Brigade
  • Battles:
  • Skirmish - Roanoke River
  • Skirmish - Kinston
  • Bentonville
  • Rosters:
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 1792 men.

    The Companies were organized from the counties of Warren, Franklin, Nash, Granville, Wake, Randolph, Chatham, Martin, Northampton, and Chowan.
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