4th Regiment, North Carolina Senior Reserves

Historical Notes:
Very little is known of the North Carolina Senior Reserve Units. A total of 5,618 men were enrolled in 8 units according to D. H. Hill in Confederate Military History. My rosters of these units have a total of 5,237 names:

The 4th Infantry Regiment Senior Reserves was also known as the 73rd Infantry Regiment North Carolina Troops. It was organized in early 1865 and participated in the Carolinas campaign. It surrendered as part of the Army of TN at Durham Station, Orange Co, NC 04/26/1865. The 4th Reserves do not appear in the Official Records.

"How splendid and great they were in their modest, patient, earnest love of country! How strong they were in their young manhood, and pure they were in their faith, and constant they were to their principles! How they bore suffering and hardship, and how their lives were ready at the call of duty! What magnificent courage, what unsullied patriotism! Suffering they bore, duty they performed, and death they faced and met, all for love of the dear old home land; all this for the glory and honor of North Carolina "As they were faithful unto thee, guard thou their names and fame, grand old mother of us all. If thy sons in the coming times shall learn the lesson of the heroism their lives inspired and their deeds declared, then not one drop of blood was shed in vain."
  • Colonel:
  • John F. Hoke
  • Major:
  • John N. Prior
  • Lt. Colonel:
  • Leroy W. Stowe
  • Assignments:
  • Mounted patrol guard for the Northwestern North Carolina counties.
  • Assigned to Connally's Brigade, Senior Reserves, 3rd Military District, Department of North Carolina (Jan-Feb 1865)
  • Battles:
    The roster of this unit contains the names of 984 men. The companies of the 4th Senior Reserves were formed from the 3rd Military District in January of 1865. Bibliography for Research:

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